Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Savoury rice with 'Wild garlic' and peas

One of the good things I've learned about 'wild garlic', other than its versatility and taste, is that it keeps very well in the fridge. If you don't want your fridge smelling like a garlic keeper, just wrap the wild garlic gently in some newspaper. Its working well for me and its been there since Saturday.

I can't believe I still have so much of it. It really is one of those ingredients where a little goes a long way, just like this recipe.
This dish didn't work as well, not because it was a poor combination. No, that part was fine. What let it down, was me. I messed up slightly with the water ratio to the rice, adding a little too much. So instead of the rice separating like a good pilau/pilav, it was a little sticky like risotto. Still it was edible. The other thing I should mention, this dish did not taste overly garlicky, as the flavour of the wild garlic was somewhat lost in the cooking process. Therefore, if you do wish to make this dish, I would recommend stirring in some fresh minced wild garlic just before serving.
Savoury rice with wild garlic and peas
Serves 4
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 onion, finely sliced
1 large green chilli, finely chopped
1 teaspoon of ground cumin
1 teaspoon of ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon of cloves (optional)
1/2 whole black pepper (optional)
300g Basmati rice, rinsed clear of starch
200g frozen peas
Handful of roughly chopped wild garlic
Salt to taste
600ml water or Vegetable stock
In a pan that has a fitted lid heat the oil, then add the onions andchilli and cook for 5 minutes, stirring often. Add the spices then cook for a further 5 minutes until the spices have become aromatic and are starting to look dark in the pan,
Add the rice and cook for a minute, stirring well to coat the rice in the spiced oil.
Add the peas and stir for a couple of minutes, then add the wild garlic and salt to the pan. Pour in the liquid and stir well and bring to the boil. Then reduce the heat to low, cover with lid and cook for 25 minutes. Do not take the lid off or stir after this, as you want fluffy rice, not sticky rice. After 25 minutes check if the rice is cooked and the water absorbed. Give it another 5 minutes if necessary. Stir in additional minced wild garlic if you wish.


  1. Yum. This looks and sounds so good. I love garlic. We are growing some in our garden.

  2. Rice any which way is a favorite of mine, Mango. Adding a little more veggie stock to your dish would have given you risotto, which I love.

  3. Ooh I love wild rice! This particular recipe for it is pretty healthy, too. Perhaps I'll try to make it from scratch... I usually just get lazy and pick up an instant box of the Near East brand =p

  4. Sounds good to me! Oh and I just caught up with your giveaway method. Very amusing, great thinking :)

  5. This is my kind of meal! I eat rice type dishes all the time (way to much!), and I loooooove garlic, so I would probably triple the garlic!! :)
    And I have never heard of storing my garlic that way! Thanks for te great tip

  6. Looks like a great dish. I really like wild rice, so earthy. I need to use it more. Very elegant dish!

  7. Gonna have to get hold of some wild garlic to try.

  8. On our hols, we did a bit of a road trip of the Gower in South Wales, and we drove through a wooded area where wild garlic was growing - the smell was amazing! (I love garlic anyway), and now I'm gonna try and grow my own - totally inspired me, K

  9. That sounds really good and I think it would be good with regular garlic if you don't have the wild. Peace, Stephanie

  10. Krys,
    Wild garlic has really been a revelation. I have really been enjoying it.

    Thanks Barbara,
    I enjoyed it nonetheless, but my mother would have told me off.

    Thank you Samantha.
    Yes, I guess it is kinda healthy too. I have to be honest and say, i have never bought a box variety and have always made these kind of dishes from scrath.

    YOur right. It was healthy - no butter!

    Thanks Morgan,
    I really enjoy eatin rice too, should eat more of it instead of potatoes.

    The tip was for 'wild garlic', It may work for the bulb too, I've just never tried as I do actually have a garlic keeper :D

    Thank you Haymarket.
    Its been a while since i've eaten wild rice. I am sure I have in the cupboard, should make a dish one of these days.

    I so hope you find some :D

    Thank you so much Karen,
    The whiff of wild garlic sure does smack you in the face. Just a word of warning, you may know htis already. Wild garlic does spread, so just think carefully where you decide to plant it.

    Thank you Stephanie.
    I think it would, just go easy on the regular stuff, far more pungent :D

  11. yummy, gotta love peas :o) still hoping to snag myself some wild garlic

  12. Nic,
    As always wonderful to hear from you. I do hope that you are feeling much better and able to venture outside of your four walls and gather some of that wild garlic.

    I've been lovingly stroking my growing peas plants.

  13. this is a nice rice dish to try out, thanks for sharing.

  14. Your welcome Kella. Just don't add too much water like I did :D


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