Sunday, 18 April 2010

Chive digging and 'wild garlic' frittata muffins

Some news on the growing and gardening plot.
These spicy salad seeds are for the 3foot by 3 foot bed. The rainbow radishes I sowed a couple of weeks ago are starting to sprout. I also transplanted some purple top Milan turnip seedlings into this bed.
The lollo rosso lettuce seems to be thriving. I'll be picking some soon.
I separated the chive plant into 6 and lined them along the larger bed which I think measures 6foot by 8foot. On digging, what I thought was rampant chive seedlings taking over the plot, was actually garlic that I had planted.
What a waste - there were about a dozen of these garlic bulbs that I had forgot to harvest.
This is our garden wildlife pond. I inherited the gnome on the right hand side by the little girl who used to live below us. She and her family moved out a couple of months ago, so we now have new neighbours. The water in this wildlife pond needs topping off. If you look close, you'll see some wild stinging nettle growing there. I discovered the joys of eating wild stinging nettles just over three years ago. I can hand on my hand say, its my favourite wild weed.
Unfortunately it won't be enough to make nettle beer. I'll have to go foraging with gloves if I intend to make some.
Here is some of the wild garlic that I managed to lift with its bulbs intact last weekend. Now I don't know if I'll be able to grow some in my garden, especially as wild garlic likes damp soil, but I am going to try. I have planted it next to the above wildlife pond, where the nettles are growing of their own accord. Hey I can only try.
This is my tiny greenhouse where I have left some of the stronger seedlings. D is getting both frustrated and annoyed with me now, as I am planting my seeds and re-potting in the flat, I am dropping tiny amounts of soil here and there. Its not my fault, I don't have a potting shed and theres no shelter in the garden for me to do this, so I have to make do with the space I have and thats indoors. The window sills are beginning to look messy too, but what can I do, I am making the most of what we have. I too am getting frustrated. Regardless, some more seeds have gone into pots.
When I made the 'wild garlic' quiche, I had a load of cooked sliced potatoes left over. Now not one not to waste, I decided to make some 'wild garlic' frittata muffins for the weekend; or should they be called tortilla muffins. Some of which we enjoyed yesterday. They tasted good, but I have to be honest with you, I hadn't greased the muffin pan well, so some of them did not come out in one piece. Anyway, we had some left over so that is what we had for our lunch today.
*I actually added two tablespoons of the wild garlic pesto to the mix. If you can't source wild garlic, just substitute it with minced mint and parsley.
'Wild garlic' frittata muffins
Makes 6 - 8
200g of potatoes, diced
1 medium onion, minced
2 tbsp of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons of wild garlic pesto or 2 tablespoons of fresh wild garlic or herbs, minced*
6 medium eggs
40g-60g cheddar, grated
Generously grease a muffin baking tray and set aside.
Cook the potatoes and then drain and set aside. Gently fry the finely diced onion in the olive oil on a medium heat until translucent and soft. Then stir in the potatoes and turn off the heat. When cool, distribute the vegetables evenly into 6 or 8 of the muffin holes. Beat the eggs in a bowl with some a salt and pepper, add the wild garlic pesto, fresh wild garlic or minced herbs. Pour over the egg mixture evenly over each muffin filling. Sprinkle with the grated cheese and then place in the oven at gas mark 6 for about 25 - 30 minutes. They will puff up and turn golden a little. When cool, gently prize out of muffin tin. Eat hot or cold.


  1. That lollo rosso lettuce looks delish! Chives! I LOVE them! I pick them outside when I'm gardening and eat them up. Yummy;) Please, please I'd love the recipe for the wild garlic frittata. It must be here somewhere (searching and stomach growling) ;)Alyssa

  2. Good to see that you are getting a bit of veg growing done. I thought of you when I read this blog - have you seen it?

  3. I found a load of garlic bulbs this week that I also missed last year. I've divided them up and planted them all out. They're looking a bit droopy today though - so not sure if they'll make it or not.... Still - was worth a go.

    It's been ages since I last made Frittata. I feel frittatas and egg salads and all eggy things galore coming on. The last two hens have now come into lay and we had a total of 13 eggs laid today alone !

  4. These sound really delicious - in my last garden we were inundated with wild garlic, and struggled to keep it under control, whilst here in wiltshire I keep planting it and still only have just the odd few plants,so clearly it's a bit picky about where it like to grow. Your veggies are coming on a treat too.

  5. Mangocheeks,
    I too have been starting seeds indoors as I recover, specks of dirt everywhere. Just makes the house smell earthy, lol. I am glad to see you are at least able to garden. I like seeing what you are growing.
    Happy Gardening

  6. Looks like your garden is off to a great start. I get "scolded" too for getting soil around the place and tracking things in from the garden...take heart!

    I've been stung by nettles many times, but never indulged in them...must try it sometime.

    The muffins sound like a great idea, and good luck with the wild garlic.

  7. Nice the little frittata muffins! Mmmh, difficult to plant seedlings in the house, I had to do it many times because some years there are invasions of opossums and snails eating everything small and tender (and I don't have a green house).
    And every time I water the seedlings soil goes everywhere...
    But I must add that I am quite a messy person :-)

  8. They look delicious. Your seedlings look to be coming on well. I use the kitchen to do most of my planting and repotting. I have a potting tray which is really good at keeping the compost in one place and avoiding any mess.

  9. Hi Alyssa,
    I Keep meaning to pick some, maybe for a sandwich later in the week.
    I've posted the recipe for the wild garlic frittata. If you make them in the muffin pan, just make sure you grease it well :D not like me coming out in pieces!

    Thanks Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

    Thanks Ann. Yes I'm aware of Callums blog. I'm sure he is aware of mine too.

    Oh Sarah-Jane.
    Im so glad you found some garlic bulbs. When I planted mine in the garden border, they were looking rather droopy. Still as you say its worth a try. Otherwise you now know roughly where to source some.

    Thriteen eggs, my goodness. I see a lot of Frittata and egg dishes coming out of the kitchen. I'll be over in a while to have a nosy :D

    Hi Cathy aka The Cottage Garden Farmer.
    Thank you for your encouragement re the veg growing. They frittata muffins were quite tasty.
    Funny, when you have loads of a particular weed growing, your not that keen, when you don't you hanker for some :D

    Hi Jenn.
    I like.
    Yes, the soil just makes the house smell earthy.

    Thank you Rose.
    Yeah I better get used to the scolding, as its not going to be the last of it. (I know he doesn't mean it badly :) It just means he's more house proud than me.

    Oh Rose, please, please do try nettles. I can't describe the taste. Its pretty unique. I was an absolute convert! Maybe you'll like them as much as me, once you've tried.

    PS I'm not holding my breat about growing the wild garlic. It will be a bonus if it does.

    Thanks Alessandra.
    And thank you for understanding my frustrations about sowing indoors. Your so rights about watering the seedlings and then the soil going everywhere...happens to me all the time too :-)

    Thanks Jo.
    I have a potting tray, but I still manage to get the soil everywhere. Unfortunately, I can't do this kind of work in my kitchen as it is a shoe box. I honestly do live in a tiny flat. Its designed for a person who eats take-aways or eats out, not someone like me who likes cooking :( but I manage.

  10. Its been wonderful catching up on your posts - my eyes are 'bad' at the moment so I am limited on the time I can beon the net.

    Love your mini greenhouse and boy haven't you done well with your seeds.

  11. Georgous frittatas!! Yummm,..the garden is looking beter & better!
    I have sown Rainbow swiss chard, mini Parisien round carrots, mini lettuces, 2 coloured redishes, chives, a mix of salad leaves, spring onions,... I so love it!

  12. Hello Lottie and Thank you for your lovely comment.
    I am sorry to read about your eyes. I hope that your vision returns to normal, so that you can enjoy surfing on the net, but even moreso Enjoy the daily things in life. Virtual hug X

    Thank you Sophie.
    Yes, I'm pleased with the way the garden plot is going. I can't wait to transplant the first plant and the first wigwam for the legumes.
    You sound like you've been really busy too.

  13. It's such a joy to see seeds spring to life, especially indoors when you can't wait for planting season to begin. (BTW, my windowsills are a mess, too, but that's all part of the process!)
    Your wild garlic is so different than what we have here in the states. All your recipes with it are enticing.

  14. Thanks Barbara.
    I am feeling of much better that many fellow bloggers are like me with soily window sills :D
    I'd be really interested in seeing what the wild garlic in the States looks like.
    I also made a wild garlic dip. I just stirred some of the wild garlic pesto recipe into some Greek yogurt. Its really was scrummy.

  15. Oh mangocheeks! The wild garlic muffins sound heavenly. Please post more about the nettle beer if you end up foraging (with gloves, of course). I've tried dandelion wine, but never nettle beer. I'm intrigued. ; )

  16. I have been looking for wild garlic in my neck of the woods for like forever and I am yet to find some.

    Did you use the resprouting garlic, I have found two growing in my bed were they were planted last year and have used them in my cooking waste not want not.

    Tell hubby he'll be eating his words come the summer and he is eating all the homegrown foods. dirty soiled window sills is a badge to wear with honor ;)

  17. Thank you Maddy G.
    I promise you - should I make nettle beer I will def. blog about it and let you know how it tastes, but I don't think it will be as flavourful as dandelion wine or even elderflower champagne. But like you I am intrigues.

    I do hope you find some, the season is nearly over. So if you don't find some now, maybe next year!

    Actually I did not use the resprouting garlic. It was too 'far gone' for my liking, so it went into the brown bin, rather than the compost bin. You are awfully good in using them in your cooking.

    I take your advice and tell my hubby he'll be eating his words come the summer when he's eating all the homegrown veg. Dirty window sills he just better get used to it (for now anyway).


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