Sunday, 11 April 2010

A2K Announces the Winner!!!

Thank you so, so much to Everyone who entered this giveaway. And even more Thanks for your very kind comments. Each one humbled me and made me smile, big time! I really had fun playing this game.

A couple of hours ago, the Happy Family cards were shuffled. D cut the deck and the Winner was randomly selected. The winner of the A2K giveaway is Mr Putty the Painter.
I know who this belong to, as I checked who the card was allocated to. But if you don't know who this is, and it could just be you, please do go and check if its your winning card.

Congratulations to the Winner. Please get in touch with me via e mail (see sidebar) and the box of goodies will be winging its way. Sorry to those of you who didn't win, but I hope you had fun participating.


  1. That's the cutest way I've ever seen of doing a giveaway draw! I'm just gutted that I missed it, I was a bit busy being on holiday. Congratulations to the winner, it looks like a fabulous prize! :)

  2. Lol, this was so clever... congrats to the winner!

  3. Congrats to Mr Putty! And thanks Mangocheeks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  4. What a great idea to run such a competition.

    Your blog is lovely. I am just starting mine and would love to gain as many followers as you have.

    Have you any tips on how to build such a following?


  5. Congratulations to ReapWhatYouGrow. What a great way to pick a winner.

  6. I really love the idea your hubby came up with!
    Congratulations Mr. Putty the Painter whoever it may be :) im sure envious of that box of goodies the winner is recieving!


  7. Congrates to the winner.

    Thanks Mangocheeks and hubby for the innovative game, made it a lot more fun.

  8. That was a very clever way to pick the winner, Mango. I love the Happy Families cards.

  9. umfh! jealousy!
    never mind, I will participate in the 666th post!
    (hmm, that sounded slightly eerie..)


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