Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wild Garlic Pesto Pasta

You have to agree this plate of food looks good. Garnished lovingly with the buds of the wild garlic.
I'd recommend having this pasta cold too. Maybe not for a working lunch, but one to indulge in with close family and friends who won't be offended by the faint scent of garlic on your breath. The recipe for this is straightforward. I just stirred the wild garlic and walnut pesto I made into the pasta - and there you have it presto - a light and easy meal for a sunny afternoon. I am submitting this to Presto Pasta Night #160. Presto Pasta Nights was founded by Ruth Daniels. This week it is being hosted by Cynthia of Kitchen Slave. I feel I must follow in the footsteps of Denis Cotter, author of 'Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and me' and promote the versatility of this emerald green wild weed.
The sunshine is still out and the skies amazingly blue, so I am off to sit in the garden and watch the little birdies play in my garden plot - doing whatever they do when they rub themselves in the soil. Whatever it is, it always amuses me.


  1. The pasta sounds perfect, and those little buds are adorable on top; it looks like a gourmet meal.

  2. Thank you so much Rose.
    It was perfect for a warm sunny afternoon. Afterall who wants to cook when the sun is still shining (yes even after a long day at work).

  3. Ohhh that just sounds incredible.

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! This pasta looks and sounds delicious :)

  5. Beautiful! I love when I bring my basil plants in during the winter and they get super spicy - it makes the best pesto! Can't wait to pair that with spring garlic, if I ever get any!!

  6. It looks an easy meal to make, and very summery. You've presented it wonderfully.

  7. Glad you got to enjoy sitting in the afternoon sunshine after enjoying the delicious meal! Peace, Stephanie

  8. Yes indeedy, I absolutely have to agree that plate of food looks good!! But then, garlic, pesto and pasta are three of my favorite things! :-) I enjoyed reading about the wild garlic, and wonder if we have any around here? I agree with Rose that the delicate garlic buds are a lovely, garnishing touch. And I agree with you that when the sun is shining, the kitchen is no place to be! :-)

  9. Ooh, now that picture makes my mouth water! Good thing pasta is on the menu for tonight, I can't wait!

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog:}}

    This dish looks fantastic, I went through the fields recently looking for wild garlic, to zero success - delighted to see you have a source:}}

  11. Hey- thanks for the message you left on my blog.
    I too gathered a HUGE bunch of wild garlic today. It grows with the bluebells in the woods, and was just about to put it in with pasta sauce but I've changed track and made your pesto. Tastes delish!

  12. Rachel,
    It was sooo good.

    Thank you so much Kristy. It was delicious :)

    Hello RuckusButt.
    Its been a little while since we virtually met. I do hope that you are well.

    Thanks Jo.
    It really is easy. I do love the simplicity of such dishes packed with flavour. Good for a warm day when you don't want to do much cooking too.

    I truly did the sunshine. Shame it wasn't a Friday though, cos i would have enjoyed a glass of wine too. Yikes, I should have had some of that non-alcoholic elderflower in the garden shed!

    Thank you so much Laloofah.
    I am so glad you like the plate of food. It nice to read that garlic, pesto and pasta are amongst your favorite ingredients!

    I sincerely hope you find some wild garlic where you are. :)

    Thank you so much Ginny!

    Your Welcome Brownieville Girl. Its a pleasure to have you come over mine. Thank you for repaying the compliment. I am very happy with my wild green finds. Maybe I will find some more this weekend. I would have been more than delighted to have shared them with you :D

    Thanks ted and bunny.
    I am so pleased to read that a fellow blogger has been able to source wild garlic where they are. I get its just knowing where to look; or like me, being lucky to stumble upon it. Such a seasonal treat! don't you think?!

  13. Wow, that looks so delicious, and what great shots you've taken.

    Some people find garlic on the breath a sexy thing. I don't know these people though, I just read it somewhere. :D

  14. Wow that looks so tasty! I love pesto and I LOVE garlic!

  15. Thank you Eve.
    I like the way garlic feels on my breath too, something 'mouth freshner' about it. But I would never describe it sexy ;)

    Thanks Carissa.

  16. Thank you Jacqueline. It was yum yum pasta dish.


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