Monday, 12 April 2010

Memories of Jamaican Gingerbread cake

I will often adapt and put my own spin on recipes, but when it comes to baking. I often stick to the recipe. A few weeks ago when I was in the West End, I noted that a Waitrose had opened up there. Well as a food tourist I went in to have a good nosy around. I remember being well impressed with their selection of mushrooms. On leaving, I picked their edition of the March Food Magazine.
Yesterday evening, after saying I was not going to do any cooking or baking as I was tired from all the gardening, I actually ended up doing some. One of the things I made were these gingerbread cupcakes. Aesthetically I was quite disappointed with them when they came out the oven, as each had a dent in the centre. The batter was really wet, so wet that I had to use a ladle to spoon the mixture into the muffin cups. I assumed I had misread the instructions. So I made the recipe again this evening. I followed the instructions carefully, this time word for word. The mixture was still very wet and yet again I had to ladle the mixture into the baking tin. I baked them for 16 minutes as the recipe which can be found here stated. Then I opened the oven and before my very eyes, they collapsed. I think these cupcakes need more baking time as the 16 minutes stated in the magazine is not suffice. I think it more closer to 30 minutes.
Despite being sunken, they were very sticky, spicy, moist and sweet. Let me tell you what these reminded me of, have you ever had those Jamaican Gingerbread cake? My mother used to buy them all the time when we were small. I would always insist on having the icky sticky moreish ends. Well these sunken gingerbread cupcakes tasted just like that, albeit with more texture and bite from the pieces of ginger. I will have a go at making this recipe one more time, as the result was really delicious, but I think instead of making individual Gingerbread cupcakes, I would experiment and make a Gingerbread loaf like the ones from my childhood.
Do you know what a good solution is for cakes gone wrong? Whipped cream of course. Whipped cream is always a great disguise.


  1. Love the photo on the very top & the cakes look beautifully moist - don;t need a disguise at all!

  2. These look delicious. I don't care about the sunken middles, it's the taste that counts.

  3. looks like good, sticky, dense gingerbread to me - yum yum

  4. They sound great. Funny I used to insist on the moreish ends too. You can still buy the cake and I sometimes do, comfort eating. I made banana and white choc muffins tonight (3rd attempt at making muffins) this time they worked!

  5. They still look delicious. You might need a bit more flour (tablespoon) also. Sometimes that helps. We are at a high altitute here and if I do not put additional flour (tablespoon) in that is what happens.

  6. Ohhhh, your gingerbread cakes look so dreamy! I love cakes that are so moist they fall in a bit - it makes them extra luscious! And provides the perfect excuse for cream, too... ;-) Love love your photo with the gorgeous cream on top!

  7. It is always disappointing when something does not turn out the way you want. I'm sure they were delicious. Sometimes cooling in a draft can cause them to fall as well. I found your blog by chance but will be back often to see what you've been cooking. I hope you've had a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  8. Oh no, what a shame they sunk. I usually add more flour to the mixture when that happens to me. Because I dont use eggs I usually have to add more dry ingredients to the mix anyway.
    But they still look great! And cream or icing is deffiantley a great way to cover up when they sink. I would love the recipe for these too, do you know if its available on the internet anywhere?



  9. Sorry those gingerbread cupcakes were such a pain to make, but they still look delicious despite their cute little "dents" :)

  10. Waitrose magazine has some grand & great recipes!
    I can buy it at my local Waterstone's shop in Brussels!

    I am going to make these beauties! I find them online too!

  11. I do remember eating the Jamaican Ginger Loaf when I was a kid, we used to butter the slices. If you do try to make the loaf I would love to see the recipe.

  12. Lovely cake inspite of the dent,very tempting :):)

  13. oohhh so so yummy, I used to love those ginger cakes, can you pop the recipe for this on here - would love to try them. Also a great idea if muffins go wrong is to break them up and add them to ice cream - scrummy!

  14. Glad to hear they were still tasty and they certainly don't look bad at all. I haven't had Jamaican Gingerbread cake specifically, but I do love gingerbread!

  15. I should add the best looking cupcakes were photographed. Plus I should have shown youa photo of the muffin tin too, not a pretty sight at all. But these were so tasty!

    Thanks Grapefruit.

    Your right Jo, it is the taste that counts. But can you imagine sharing them to the Masterchef judges!

    It was all these things - good, sticky and dense gingerbread.

    Thanks Amanda :D
    You made me smile. I am so pleased to learn that you enjoyed the ends too!
    Your banana and white choc muffins sound good. that is one of my favourite combinations. so happy to read they turned out well this time. You do know the muffin is the ugly sister of the cupcake?!

    Thanks Catsngrams.
    If I do make these cupcakes again, I will take on board your advice and add a tablespoon of flour.

    Thank you Astra.
    These are certainly moist. I am pleased that you like them. I think the cream was good with them.

    Thank you so much for coming by, it is really appreciated. I am always pleased to be acquainted by a new blogger.

    These were delicious. I think there may be some fact in your conclusion, as soon as I opened the oven door, they collapsed before my very eyes.

  16. Hello there Pretty Rose,
    Yes, it was a shame they sunk. (I take on board your advice to add more flour to the mixture should I make these again).
    I have put a link to the recipe on my blog entry. If you look over the text, you should see it. The original recipe does include butter, milk and 1 egg, so you will have to use vegan subs. I hope they work out for you!

    Hello JD,
    Nice to meet you. Thank you for your comment. Despite being dented, they were delicious :)

    I agree the magazine does have some interesting recipes! If you read over my blog entry, I have put a link to the recipe on the internet.

    Ah its so nice to share those memories with you Alex T. When I make the loat, I promise to share it on the blog (fingers crossed that its successful!)

    Thank you Ms Chitchat :D

    Scented Sweetpeas.
    There is a link to the original recipe on my blog entry. If yo do make them and they turn out grander, please do let me know.
    PS Ice-cream is a lovely idea, especially vanilla!

    Thanks Lori.
    The best looking ones were chosen for the photograph. I know, I should have also shown the ones that had collapsed badly. Regardless of this, they did taste very good though, so I would still recommend these.

  17. So funny, you only posted the pic of the best looking ones. Oh, but I'm sure they all tasted great no matter. And I can only imagine the aroma. Mmm

    One time the top of my apple crumble browned a bit too much, but ice cream on the top covered that mistake!

  18. Oh, they look and sounds very delicious. I have never had a gingerbread cupcake and would love to try it, sunken dents and all! Yum!

  19. Thanks Eve,
    Your right they did all taste great!
    Ice-cream a good cover up.

    I really would have shared these with you, but would you belive it they all already gone!

  20. Those look so tasty! I wonder if I could make a vegan version? Hmm...

  21. Oh great, thankyou. I think I will have to print it out perhaps for use around christmas time :) I love gingerbread and the spices that come with it so perhaps I will give it a try before then.


  22. Thanks for the recipe!

    Will make it soon! Yum!

  23. You can try Elilai - but I don't know for sure.

    Your welcome Rose.

    Your welcome Sophie.

  24. I would be very popular with E if I could make anything like Jamaican gingerbread cake - he loved it - so this sounds like something for my to do list!


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