Monday, 15 March 2010

Shamrock Brown Scones

I don't have any roots in Ireland, but I do very much enjoy the sense of occasion that comes with St Patrick's day. This year fellow bloggers across blogosphere will be joining in the celebrations too and creating culinary delights, as well as those you can drink and get rather tipsy on. I thought to myself why not join in and do a little bit of Irish cooking too, but other than the numerous delicious potato recipes which incidentally are accompaniments, you have to admit that 'traditional Irish vegetarian food' is pretty much an oxymoron. (I am happy to be told that I am wrong). So I decided to do a bit of home-baking instead.
May I present to you my Shamrock Brown Scones. For those of you who may not know, may I share with you that St Patrick used the shamrock as a symbol to explain the concept of the holy Trinity in Christianity.
Believe it or not, these Irish Brown scones actually come from an Irish Vegetarian cookbook. As someone who enjoys eating her spuds and vegetables, last year like a mad woman I hunted for a Irish Vegetarian cookbook and could not find one, by heck I could. Eventually I tracked on down in Edinburgh at an independent bookshop called Word Power. Whilst in Edinburgh, I also picked up some pretty shamrock baking cups, unfortunately it looks like I won't be using them this year.
I am submitting these scones to The Daily Spud who is hosting a Paddy's Day Food Parade on the 17th March. A great way to join in the revelries without leaving home, especially as I'm doing the early shift the following day.
Instead of plain whipped cream, I thought I would apply a little natural green colouring to the whipped cream, and sprinkled it with a some little green gems (chopped Angelica). To make it more patriotic, you see. D said all that was missing was a green jam or preserve, something like gooseberries. mmmm Maybe next time.
Most people know how to make a good scone recipe, so I won't publish the recipe here. But for your information this one uses half plain flour and half wholemeal flour, full fat butter and full fat milk. Well its got to have full flavour. Recipe made from Irish Vegetarian Cookery: Traditional and Modern by Patrick Cotter (and no he is not related to Denis Cotter of Cafe Paradiso).


  1. Lovely. I love the baking cups too, you'll have to use those next year if you don't get chance to use them this year.

  2. By gosh, those scones really do look the part! Thanks a mill' for sending them along to the parade.

  3. Thank you Jo.
    I would so love to use them now, but time is passing me by quickly. Next year it will be.

    Thank you Kella.

    Thank you so much Daily Spud.
    I'm so pleased to be part of the parade.

  4. Love your Paddy's Day scones! I don't have any Irish heritage either, but my husband is Irish born and bred in Co. Tipperary, so we'll be celebrating tomorrow, albeit from afar!

  5. Thank you Rose.
    Enjoy your evening tomorrow with your husband. I'm sure it'll be fun!

  6. Lovely shamrock scones!I must admit we do not go overboard over here in Ireland cooking green anything for the day. I am always amazed when reading blogs around the world the trouble people take to make/bake something with a green theme. I think Mc Donalds were the first here to have green milkshakes on the day!
    There are parades and lately farmers markets and traditional music in the pubs (where else)If the weather is good I will be spending the day greening my plot as the kids have the day off school.
    Happy St Patricks Day

  7. Thank you Peggy.
    Your right when you write people 'do not go overboard in Ireland cooking green anything for the day'. But its those of Irish ancesty dotted all over the world that want to make their mark and celebrate by cooking things Irish and colouring them green, can't blame them for wanting to be part of St Patricks Day.

    I'm originally from Wales and St Davids Day is not celebrated the same way; and I now live in Scotland and St Andrews Day also doesn't get the same sparks. So you can see why even people like me want to be part of St Patricks Day.

    I hope the weather is kind for you so that you can spend time at the allotment.

  8. These scones are perfect for St. Patrick's Day, Mango. You are quite clever.

  9. These are brilliant! Such a clever idea. Heart shapes with strawberries & cream would be gorgeous for valentines day too! I never thought of cutting different shaped scones. Thanks for visiting my blog too! x

  10. Thanks Barbara.
    I've a box full of cookie cutters and I love it when I have an opportunity to play with them.

    Thank you so much for coming by Lilly.
    Ah I've done heart shaped and pumpkin scones too. It really does make the scone more appealing to the eye.

  11. Love the brown scones oozing with the pale green whipped cream! And I really need to get some shamrock cookie cutters for next year :)

  12. Thank you Phyllis.
    Hope you find some shamrock cookie cutters where you are :D

  13. Hello Mangocheeks!

    Your shamrock brown scones do look so lovely!! What cute cookie cutters!!

    Yeah!! MMMMMMM,...

  14. Thank you Sophie.

    I have been spoiling myself with the purchase of cookie cutters over the past few years, all of which will at some point appear on this blog.

  15. Sweet looking veggie puddings. Love that shamrock cutter. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  16. The scones are great, fab idea!


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