Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A glass of elderflower champagne

to chase the cold away.
D still in his sorry state, went out into the garden to put up some fat balls in the apple tree for the little birdies. He came back upstairs with a couple of bottle of elderflower champagne that I had made last year. I had actually forgot that I had stored them in the garden shed - fear of them exploding inside you see. He carefully opened a bottle over the sink, as the last time it went pop and fizzled all over. This time, yes it did go POP and it did fizzle over, but not so much. He quickly poured it into a large glass and then shoved it in my face ' do you want a sip?' 'Yes please!' I actually preferred the flavour of the elderflower champagne this time round, than I did six months ago, when I found it smelled not particularly pleasant. D sipped the rest slowly, and responded 'ahhhhh better than lucozade'. Sometimes, when your unwell a little carbonated fizz is good.

Even though I had my doubts about the elderflower champagne recipe, I'll definitely be picking some elderflowers to make some more as it was a success. Until then, we still have eight bottles to enjoy - a treat for when were pottering in the garden.


  1. I've never tried elderflower champagne, but it seems that everyone who makes it loves it, I'll have to give it a go. Hope it eased D's symptoms a little.

  2. That sounds lovely! I had elderflower wine once many years ago and it was euphoric. Enjoy!

  3. Jo, please do give it a go.
    I wish it had eased D's symptoms. he enjoyed it while he was drinking it, but after it had all gone, it was back to the heavy coughing and spluttering (with tissue in hand of course).

    Thanks Rose.
    Elderflower wine sounds lovely. Euphoric you say. Mmmmm I must keep that in mind.

  4. Well, I guess I should say that the wine wasn't euphoric...I was...:)

  5. Waw,..this looks tasty but it is more of a refreshing drink then champagne!

  6. Sounds good to me! How much alcohol do you think it would have?

  7. I used to so love elderflower champagne when I was young, but find it a bit too sweet these days. I can really see how it would be particularly good when feeling under the weather. My mother still makes it, so I usually get a bottle each year.

  8. Sounds lovely,I'd not even heard of Elderflower Champagne. Elderflower wine is indeed lovely x

  9. Ooh - I'm planning to make some of this this year. I missed the flowers last year.
    Having checked out your recipe what were the ones like with the rose petals in?

  10. oohh that sounds lovely and refreshing - we have just planted elderberries this year so hopefully will be able to make some soon.

  11. So sorry you two have been poorly. Hope you're both feeling better now. Elder flowers...I have a small tree in my garden so I really should make some champers this year.

  12. Your so funny Rose.

    I've had the real 'champagne' once. I honestly did not like it. I prefer this one so much more.

    Its actually alcohol free.

    Its so funny you talking about something being too sweet - especially one who bakes with chocolate a lot. Made me smile. Anyway, I have to add this drink isn't that sweet. I think thats why I liked it.

    Thank you Clare.
    Elderflower wine is making me go mmmmmmmm.

    Hi Ruth,
    It took me ages to locate some flowers last year. this year I know exactly where to go (shame I can't say the same about sloe berries, for which I am going to keep my beady eyes out).
    The rose flower ones didn't work as well : no rose flavour, scent, just a muddier appearance. I think because the flowers I used were dried. It may have been a different result if they were fresh.

    Sounds good Scented Sweetpeas.

    Thanks Fran. Please do make some if you get the opportunity.

  13. Lovely, we tried and failed last year - it went a very yukky brown, but we will be trying again this year ( a bit later by the looks of things!). We also made nettle beer which was much more popular and quite strong...!.

  14. Kath,
    I'm sorry to read your elderflowre champagne didn't turn out so well. I wonder why that was?! Hopefully this year, you'll have better luck. I am curious about the nettle beer. I've tried some when I went to the Highland Show/Food Fair, but it wasn't alcoholic.

  15. Hi, we used Hugh FW's recipe and if it isn't alcoholic it certainly tastes like it is! Mind you one glass of wine these days and I am under the table - so who knows. It's a very refreshing drink after a long day gardening. I think we missed a vital ingredient out of the champagne in the first mix - but as it was Mr OC in charge rather than me I wouldn't dare to point that out! K x

  16. I agree with you Katch,
    It does smell and taste like it ought to be alcoholic. Its funny with time how much our bodies can handle alcohol. Last night, still not being completely 100% healthwise, we shared a bottle of white grape shloer, it really was so nice. Hopefully this time, your elderflower champagne will be a better success. I had my doubts about mine when I was making it as I couldn't see the bubbles through the bottle, but when I opened the first bottle I was immediatetly proven wrong. Have a good weekend.

  17. KATH - I apologise for spelling your name wrong, i think i've done it before. Please accept my apologies, it really is a typo. I should re-read my responses before posting. Sorry.

  18. I made some non alcoholic elderflower drink last year plan to repeat again this year the kids love it.

  19. Hi Kella,
    Wow, that is a good sign if the kids like it. My nephews were not so keen on it, esp the youngest. Said it was the smell.


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