Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Thai Butternut Squash soup

This Thai influenced Butternut Squash soup is a creamy soup, the luscious velvety texture of the soup coats the back of your spoon. It has both sweet and spicy undertones. Sweetness from the butternut squash and coconut milk and spice from the Thai red curry paste. The golden orange colour of the soup is so beautiful too. The tofu croutons are also surprisingly good, so good that D even complimented them and he is no lover of tofu. The tofu croutons have a little crunchy crust, but when you bite into it you can taste the juices of the Thai spices. Try it and you will know what I mean.
This is my entry for this month's No Croutons Required which is alternately hosted between Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes, or Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen, who is January 2010 host. The theme for this month is create either a salad or a soup with Thai flavours.
Updated 03/02/2010
So many good looking Thai inspired soups and salads were submitted to Lisa and Jacqueline's No Croutons Required monthly event. Fortunately, the soup I submitted was the winner. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for this soup. It really is a delicious golden soup, but I think the tofu croutons were the real stars and credit for the recipe must really go to Moosewood Restaurants.
If you want to make this soup more substantial, trying serving it over plain boiled rice. I don’t think you’ll be hungry after that.
Thai Butternut Squash soup
Serves 4
Ingredients1x400ml coconut milk
2 – 4 teaspoons of Thai red curry paste or to taste
½ teaspoon salt
1 pint vegetable stock
2 Kaffir lime leaves
1 medium butternut squash, chopped into cubes
A handful of fresh baby spinach
1 lime, cut into quarters for garnishing (optional)
Coriander for garnishing (optional)
Thai Tofu croutons
1x 250 firm tofu, pressed of water
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon Thai red curry paste or to taste
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
Roast the butternut squash in a tablespoon of olive oil, until tender. When cool either puree or mash the squash.
In a medium sized pan, whisk together the coconut milk, curry paste, salt, vegetable stock, butternut squash, lime leaves and bring to a gentle simmer. Cook on medium heat covered for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, prepare the tofu. In a bowl, mix together the curry paste, soy sauce and vegetable oil. Press excess water from tofu and then cut it into small cubes. Toss the cubes into the bowl making sure that the tofu cubes are coated. Heat a non-stick frying pan, add the tofu and cook turning the cubes over so that all sides are golden. When this is done, set aside.
Now stir in the baby spinach into the simmering coconut butternut squash soup and cook just until the spinach wilts. Add more salt to taste. Serve the soup sprinkled with the tofu croutons and minced coriander if you wish. Adapted from Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers.


  1. What a delight! This soup is just my taste. Lucky for me I picked up a brand new butternut squash a couple of hours ago. I never thought to mix butternut squash with Thai flavors, but it makes so much sense.

  2. I am so glad you like it Sarah.

  3. This soup looks and sounds divine. The combination of flavors sound perfect together. I love Thai food; I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my site!
    I too love to grow an organic garden, however in upstate NY I'm limited to a few months.
    Your photos rock! What kind of camera are you using? I need a major upgrade... haha.
    Can't wait to see more! :)

  5. Yah! for me I got on more butternut in the loft but I'm sure the 3/4 left winter squash in the fridge would do just as well because it is so sweet.

    I have never really dabbled in Thai cooking before so I'll have to wait till my next grocery delivery and add some of the ingriedents I haven't got in my larder.

    I look forward to trying this dish and I love crunchy tofu, I have done it many different ways but not with Thai flavours so it will be something to look forward to.

    Yep! definately another one to add to the Mangocheeks Magic favourite folder.

  6. I have one butternut squash left, too, and just might have to make this recipe with it, Mango. Love the tofu croutons.

  7. Wow. This soup looks and sounds amazing. I think I will make it for a co-op meal next month. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That looks so beautifully presented.

  9. Thank you so much Rose.
    I do sincerely hope you enjoy it.

    Petit chef,
    Thank you for coming by.
    I've been told to tell you its not the camera but the photographer. No seriously, we use a canon - a belated wedding gift from both sets of parents.

    Hi Kella,
    I am so envious that you have your own home-grown butternut squash, as you know mine did not take off, other than the baby golden apple which I am still using in sweet things.

    I dabbled in Thai cooking only after visiting my friend Leah in the USA, when she took me out to a Tha restuarant, before that i was unfamiliar with the flavours. Even then it took a while for me to appreciate the flavours as i couldn't quite take to sweet of the coconut and spices in the same dish, but it has all changed now.

    Thank you Kella for having that 'Mangocheeks Magic' folder, sure makes me smile.

    Thank you so much Barbara.
    I think you will enjoy the tofu croutons.

    Thank Mom of Two Vegan Boys.
    I really hope that you and the Co-op team enjoy it.

    Thank you so much Jo.
    Its not always easy to present soup in an attractive manner. This time though, I think I just managed to tick all the right boxes :D

    PS to you ALL I forgot to add. Little that it was, the remaining spicy oil in the bowl from the spiced tofu. I used that to drizzle over the soup.

  10. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for your entry.

  11. Lovely soup. The color is so tempting enhancing the soup. Loved the texture too. Good click.


  12. oh yum - I have neglected kaffir lime leaves - this looks like just what I need to use them - strangely enough thai soup seems ok in summer unlike many other soups - on my list right now!

  13. Thank you Ms Chitchat.
    I love the colour too.

    Thanks Johanna.
    I have never had a Thai soup during the summer, so for now, I will take your word for it :D

  14. Tofu croutons how interesting!

  15. A georgous tasty soup!!

    I so love the tofu croutons!!

    Clever thinking!

  16. Thank you Sophie,
    The tofu croutons were especially delicious.

  17. Oh those tofu cubes on top look absolutely perfect!!

  18. I'm addicted to butternut squash this season and my love of Thai food lives on so I'll be trying this out ASAP. It looks so smooth and velvety!

  19. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Jane. Please, please make the tofu croutons, they were delicious with the soup.
    I also wanted to say Thank you so much for becoming a follower. I am humbled and delighted that you like my blog.

  20. Yup..it's butternut and all squash time her in n.s. Love this recipe. Moosewood also has an alltime famous tofu bake same ingredients (although I add a few drops of sesame oil) I make for L about every two weeks. But tonight, it was authentic mushroom soup with the above croutons. Fantastic Shaheen. What would I do without your blog recipes. They are a gift! No wonder you were a winner!

    1. Thank you Gardenign Bren. Guess what a large soup company called New Covent Garden in the U.K are actually selling one of my recipes at the supermarkets all over the U.K.


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