Saturday, 13 June 2009

Impromptu eating delights

This is Glasgows Food Producers, sorry Farmers Market in the West End.
I was stunned and actually very pleased to see over 40 stalls there. Of course, there were the usual meat and game, jams and preserves stalls there, but also some new stalls including a Greek family selling homemade Hellenic goods, a South Asian lad selling samosa and pakoras, a stall selling Scottish strawberries, but I decided not to get any this time, as mine are not that far off from ripening now. There was also a stall selling Scottish asparagus, these were much thinner than the English asparagus, but it showed me they can and do grow here.
There were about four vegetable and fruit stall there today. I stopped at two. The first was J & M Craig Briarneuk Nursery where I purchased 250g cherry tomatoes. Our tomatoes are a few good weeks away from ripening, so this purchase was justified. Then we stopped at Bellfield Nursery Organic, where I bought orla potatoes and some broccoli. I also took away a leaflet as they have a vegetable box scheme. I know I have an allotment, but there is not guarantee it will be feeding me during the hungry gap next year, so its good to have your options open.
I also picked up a loaf of seeded bread from Hendersons that needs no introduction, except I am very glad they come along to this market as they do not have a stall in the West of Scotland. I do struggle to find really good bread here, it's one of the reasons I make my own - albeit with a bread maker.
Our purchases from the food producers market and Maggies charity cake bake stall. Oh the rhubarb in the back is mine.
Impromptu lunch whilst working at the allotment this afternoon comprised of bread,tomatoes, cheese, hummus, stuffed pepper and a millionaire bar. The tomatoes were especially sooper-sweet.
The popular Petrie Fine Food stall. I think it is one of my favourite food producers in Scotland. Yes I know I am biased because they are vegetarian! So many more to discover.
For our dinner this evening, we had Petrie Fine Foods Vegetarian haggis served with Bellfield Nursery Organic orla potatoes and broccoli.
And for afters, a slice of Petrie Fine Foods 'Black Bun' served with cream. Now that's a nice way to end a summery day.
Thanks to both Fran of A Taste of Tottenham and Howard of Petrie Fine Foods for renewing my interest in food markets again.


  1. I am so happy that you had fun shopping! The bread looks amazing.

  2. I am so glad I enjoyed it too, I came back with optimism in my heart. The bread was good.


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