Friday, 19 June 2009

We are all foreigners somewhere

Few more days to raise awareness of Refugee Week in the UK.

I like how Shami Chakrabati's, Director of Liberty defines 'refuge'. She said 'we are all foreigners somewhere'. And it is something we tend to forget when we go on abroad for our holidays, or even when we move overseas and become fondly known as 'ex-pats', rather than '(im)migrants' or 'foreigners', a label that some of us are too keen to give to 'economic migrants', 'refugees' and 'asylum seekers', but rarely use ourselves.

We must remember that refugees and asylum seekers are people like us, with 'stories' to tell. If you have not had a chance to check out the Refugee Week website, please do. I won't say anymore on the subject now. Promise - I know it's supposed to be an 'allotment to kitchen' blog.

So to be true to the blog, I relate it to the 'kitchen'. If you are a food blogger check out this site, Cook a dish from another country. It may inspire you further.


  1. Neat site! Angelina Jolie did a bunch of press spots on refugee awareness this week.

  2. Oh is it refugee week in America too?

    I do think people sit up and listen more when celebrities, esp if they are A list celebs promote any cause. It happened here recently with Joanna Lumney taking up the Gurkha cause.

    A good thing, I guess.


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