Friday, 26 June 2009

Highland Show and Shiitake Mushroom Log

Other than tending to my allotment plots, I don’t often do much in my weekends, but when I hear Scotlands Highland Show is on, I get all excited. I have been going for a few years now, it’s the one thing I do look forward to in the year.

Unfortunately, last year it was taken over a lot by supermarket retailers, giving you cut pieces of cheddar cheese and plastic bags full of glossy leaflets, even a certain burger chain 'restaurant' had a marquee there showcasing its green credentials and healthy eating options, a good thing I guess.
Anyway, I have noted that the price has increased. These days it costs about £22 per person, but I have justified it as it is something that I don’t do that often, plus it will be a good day out.
In the past I would originally go just for the food fair. The Food Hall has almost 100 exhibitors and allows you to indulge on free samples on some of Scotland’s larder. However, I also found myself enjoying the farmers displaying their cattle with pride, and some of the handmade crafts, so I do keep going back.
The one thing I was excited with last year was a shiitake mushroom log. Although it was amazing to watch grow, I did find it a bit of a palaver. First, shocking the log in water and then covering it with cling film for a few days for the mushrooms to develop. The other food produce I definitely get from the Highland Show are Mrs Bridges preserves. D likes the beetroot and orange chutney, and I am quite partial to the blueberry curd. They are especially good with home-made waffles. So more news tomorrow of my visit to the Highland Show 2009.


  1. I love love love shows like this! In my state its the beginning of Sept...cant wait!
    The shiitake mushroom log looks really interesting, ive never seen one before, and i havent actually tasted shiitake mushrooms!


  2. Shiitake mushrooms are an acquired taste. I would say try them - very interesting texture, but not as mushrooms on toast!

  3. I like shiitakes in small quantities. The log is so neat looking!

  4. Michele,
    Like you, I like shiitake mushrooms in small quantities too, I mostly eat them as part of Thai green curry.


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