Saturday, 6 June 2009

To hose or not to hose

D and me made the decision of purchasing a hose for our allotment plot. I was especially getting rather tired of lugging the watering can back and fro to the plot; and my three barrels of recycled rainwater are now all dry and empty.

I know many fellow plot-holders up and down the country are not permitted to use a hose on their allotment site, and according to our allotment association rules nor are we, but we have ‘witnessed’ the secretary, the treasurer, the President/Chairman and a number of other plot-holders using their hoses from time to time, so we have decided to go ahead too.

This purchase will be a standby for really, really hot days, when lugging of the watering can becomes too time consuming and tiring for little legs like mine. We have thought as long as we get the watering done first thing in the morning when no-one is around and we are not hogging the water stanchion, what harm is there. However, we are expecting to be challenged by a committee or two at some point and we are ready with our honest response. If the committee cannot abide by its rules, I think it is wrong and unfair they expect other plot-holders to do so.


  1. Hi Mango - I'm a hoseless lottie holder - but the water tank is very close to my plot so it's not too much of an incovenience. Our committee has just removed the tap from the water tank to prevent people using hoses for hours and draining all the water. Not needed today though: it's tipping it down in London.

  2. fran39,
    Welcome back!

    I will be responsible in my use of the hose and will only use it on very, very hot days when all the beds need serious watering, but being in Scotland it won't be that often, it does rain here pretty much all the time. It's only been the last weekend when the sun was blazing, so the hose became necessary, I will still continue lugging the watering can back and fro - its one of the 'joys of growing at an allotment site'.

    We have experienced the other side too, where people hog the water tanks, so understandably would not do that to fellow plot growers.

  3. What is the concern of using a hose? Is it a water shortage problem...

  4. Hi Michele,

    At present it's not about water shortage, though in the future it could be. Its just about managing the use of the water tanks. Problems do and have occured at various allotment sites, so its a way of avoiding these.


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