Monday, 15 June 2009

Nature influences kindly

The chatty, curious and confident little girl who lives in the flat below us, has inadvertently been influenced by our growing and bird feeding antics. She watches D from the window when he fills the bird seed feeder, bird bath with water or hangs out fat balls from the cooking apple tree in the garden. So much so that she has persuaded her parents to start pegging fat balls on their washing line, so that she can attract and view the small birds in her garden, rather than ours.

Then there are days when she is watching me from the window: potting, planting or weeding something. She recently got her mother to buy some containers in which she and her younger sister planted some seeds that are awaiting germination. Sweet really. I'm kinda touched.

However, I don’t find it sweet first thing in the morning when her little sister screeches, and I mean screeches for attention. Over the past few weeks it has got worse, so much so that she has become our wake up alarm call in the morning, but I better not grumble too much, it could be much, much worse. Ah the joys of living in a flat.


  1. I think it is sweet that you inspired the neighbor girl to feed the birds. We have a big crowd of regulars that come to eat our seed and I love to watch them. (So do our cats--but through the window.)

  2. Michele,
    It was completely unintentional. Pleased to know its 'influence' in a good way. Mother nature will be proud of us.


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