Sunday, 25 September 2016

Welsh Vegan Festival

Wow, what a jam packed weekend I have had.  Yesterday we went to the annual Elvis Festival in Porthcawl and this morning to the first Vegan Welsh Vegan Festival in Cardiff. 
I apologise in advance, I know my photographs are not great, but one reason this time that is legitimate is that the venue The Tramshed which is a theatre was a dark venue. I did my best for the stall holders there to showcase their vegan offerings.  
I have to kick start with Cafe Atma which is based in Cardiff.  Here are three burgers Chakra Burger, Babu Burger and The Nutty One. 
 Falafel Wrap and Kofta Wrap

Gav and his colleague are from Tandoori Q .  On my wish list is one of their Tandoori Ovens, my father would be pleased.
  Mex It Up cooking up some Jackfruit on twitter.

 A brand of Elephants Jackfruit new to me

 Fair Foods Catering 
 Sharaf Natural Foods
Vegetarian Food Studio
St Best Caterers  Ital Vital Vegan
  Greens Catering
One of the newest vegan ventures in Cardiff Cheese and Chocolate. It was lovely to see them here, but I am hoping to check out their vegan mac and cheez with bacon too hope to check them out very soon.
Malabar Aaanaa

 Lots of vegan cakes - sorry TO INSERT NAME please help?!
Handsome savourties and salads - sorry TO INSERT NAME please help?!
Stunning vegan cakes - sorry TO INSERT NAME please help?!
Mheat from Sgaia Foods who I first saw at Bristol VegFest See here.
 Hardcore Vegan Catering Unless & Artisan 'Meats' who I first saw at Cheltenham  Vegan Festival see here.  
 Seitan Schicken Schnitzel in Pretzel Buns
New York Cheez Cake
Its was so packed, view from above. I am glad I got there early.
  Babita Indian Street Food 
  Nice to see something different in pies from Jack Bakes .  
  Jack Bakes Bakewell Tarts. 
 The Vegan Cakery
Adams Fresh Chocolate was really delicious.  
Lots of vegan and raw cookbooks that you find at bookshops, including some Vegan Knickers
 Holistix Herbs had some lovely muscle rubs and lip glitter. 
It was hard to see whose stall was whose as there wasn't anything on the promotional leaflet, so if I have missed you or you know who they are, let me know and I will add link to your website. 
Thank you to all the stall holders and the organisers.  To find out more about the Welsh Vegan Festival click this link. And if any of the organisers are reading this, just one request bigger and brighter venue, please. 


  1. My goodness, you have been busy! All good though! xx

    1. Thanks Amy, Yes I have - I need a break now, hopefully next w/e will be quieter.

  2. Oh I nearly went along to this festival too, I wish I had now! There's so much there!
    The Indian Street Food and Cafe Atma look delicious.

    1. Oh I am sure there will be one next year, bigger venue required though it was really crammed and hard to appreciate what the vendors had created. Though I am a fan of Cafe Atma, there were way too many Indian food stalls though, would like to see other cuisine next time or different offerings - too many samosas and dals, I want more than dal when I go to a festival, but that is me.

  3. Oh wow, there's so much yummy looking food there, it looks great!

  4. wow what a fantastic spread of food - hope it was well attended and considered a success - what did you eat?

    1. I agree Johanna, It was a success just need a bigger venue as it was crammed and hard to admire the vendors offering. I actually did not eat anything there, as we were there early like 10.30 hence the okay pictures, otherwise i would never had got any with all the pushing - I like going to gawk!

  5. That is a really good lineup - I don't think I've seen half of those brands anywhere, and I'd love to try most of them! I'd really love to find myself with the Vegan Cakery's products or Cheez cake nearby!

    1. I think so too, it was nice not too have so many same o same o stalls too, which made it refreshing.

  6. Wow! What a festival! It really puts the San Francisco one to shame. I was really excited to check it out the first year I moved to California, but was disappointed as it was small and didn't really have that many vendors. This looks like there were a ton of great vendors. And you're pictures turned out really nicely. So many great desserts!!

    1. Kimmy, oh i am really surprised to learn that about SF, but I am sure the food offered at SF is a lot more innovative, its getting there in the UK - slowly but surely, so I am pleased. Yes, lots of vegan desserts -

  7. How fantastic - what an amazing array of food. I love how much variety there was.

    1. Kari, I so agree - plenty to eat, just a shame I went so early that I wasn't hungry to try, plenty that filled my greedy eyes though.


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