Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Graffiti and VX Bristol Vegan Junk Food

I still have loads of photographs to share from my holiday in England, but over the weekend on impulse we went to the city of Bristol.

Although the were not many new additions to the Bristol Graffiti art scene, we did spot some. Here are some photographs of Bristol Graffiti Art: Love it or Hate it - its one of the things that makes Bristol the vibrant and colourful city it is. 

If your interested in Bristol Graffiti Art, you will may be interested in the links below too. 
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After wandering the Stokes Croft area of Bristol and its city centre, we decided to check out Vx  Bristol Cafe.  It was in an area of Bristol that we had not been to before, so it made for a change to see a different side of the city.  Vx Bristol is the little sister of Vx (Vegan Cross) in London.  The Vx cafe is 100% vegan and serves vegan junk food.  Yes vegan junk food!
Many of you will know that I am not vegan, though my diet is probably 95% vegan, but I would still never ever call myself a vegan, but I do heavily cook and indulge in vegan food and with all the walking around in Bristol, we decided it was time to eat and drink something. 

As well as being 100% vegan cafe, Vx is also a shop that sells vegan ingredients, from vegan marshmallows, dairy free ice-'cream' and plant based faux meat from seitan to tofu to jerky. The staff were really friendly and seemed cool with me being a happy snapper with my camera.

As it was Sunday the Vx counter was not piled high with sweet bakes (some of which are made by the fantastic women at Kind Cakes, Mean Bakes), but it had enough that you had a choice. Check out their FB page which will have your drooling. 
But we wanted something savoury rather than sweet.  D scanned the menu and although he wanted the burger, he settled on a vegan hot dog.  
The hot dog appeared on the table smothered in ketchup, mustard, it was missing the serving of tortilla chips though, but D wasn't bothered so much by that as I was as I wanted to steal them from him. 
I had the Doner Kebab Wrap
Part of me had expected the Doner Kebab to be in a pitta bread, but it came in a tortilla wrap and although the filling was really tasty and generous, the kebab pieces were actually more like 'beef 'chunks rather than thin shredded pieces of organic wheaty doner kebab filling that was written on the Vx menu., so I was a tad disappointed but that would not stop me from going there again.    I want to go back with some friends and stuff my face with vegan cake!!!
Check out Vx Bristol website
and Kind Cakes Mean Bakes, Bristol


  1. I like both the art and the junk food! Truth be told I don't really like vegan junk food that much (probably as I never loved the original sort) but I still get excited to see it available!

    1. Thanks Kari, I do junk food when I am in the mood - its not something i'd tuck into every day,

  2. Oh the art is great - the bird one is my favourite, it's beautiful.
    Ah vegan food!!!! Now I want to go there. I love trying vegan junk food on vacation =) We actually tend to plan our vacations around good vegan restaurants ;)

    1. thanks Kimmy. I do a bit of research around veggie food outlets when we travel, but its hit and miss. You must see my Brighton blog post when I write it up - I went to two of the fanciest vegetarian eateries in the UK - Food For Friends and Terre e Terre

  3. Looks like a great outing - I always love to see your street art photos and am excited by the vegan junk food cafe even though I am not vegan (but like you I love vegan food) - I don't like mustard on hotdogs but I do like how D's hotdogs look.

    1. Its always a good day out in Bristol, every time we go we see something or find something different. OOh i like most mustard flavour things, wasabi.....horseradish


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