Sunday, 11 September 2016

Rye East Sussex

Some of you may have noted that I had been a bit quiet on blogosphere.  

Well I went away for a short break with D.  We decided not to go overseas this year and instead enjoy what Great Britain had to offer.

Our first stop though was to Essex to see my mother in law and sister in law.  After spending a day there, we left in the wee early hours of the morning to head to our first vacation destination.   
Whilst on route, we decided to stop at Rye.  We arrived in Rye around 8.00am and most places were still closed, so breakfast had to wait, but it did give us the opportunity to wander the town without bumping into many other tourists at this time.

Rye in East Sussex is a charming market town

We wandered through the cobbled streets and lanes.
The house in Rye with Two Front Doors.

I may have mentioned before, we are both National Trust members, but unfortunately for us the Georgian Lamb House was closed. A bit of a shame as I would loved to have seen the Walled Garden.
Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin
I don't know what kind of tree this is, but I love the bronze aspect of it. 
Rye Castle Museum

Another view of .St Marys Church 
Rye Church Clock Face reads: For our time is a very shadow that passeth away.  

The water cistern built in 1735. 
Back to the high street we spotted this Groovy Beetle.  
We also decided to have a sit down and treat ourselves to a vegetarian brunch at a Turkish place called Cafe Zara. The food got us energised to go around the town once again and this time a lot of the places had opened, so I was pleased to go in and have a mooch. 
At Strand Quay there are a number of interesting antique shops, I picked up a cake stand that looks like an umbrella and I will share later, but this was my favourite little shop in Rye called Crock and Cosy,
Crock and Cosy is a little vintage kitchenalia shop that had the most loveliest vintage kitchenware - some old, some new.  Items date back to the Victorian era to the early 1960sI could have picked up a few things from here, but resisted as I was concerned I would end up with too much, only I didn't pick up much in the way of memorabilia from the other places, so regret it a little - perhaps I will go there again. 
Another antique shop....then it was back to the car to continue with our journey.

English apple windfall had me hankering for an apple, but I never got one to eat.


  1. I love how much history there is! The photos of that kitchenalia shop also caught my eye. Can't wait to see the umbrella cake stand that you bought!


    1. Thanks Adi, I am hoping to share the umbrella stand soon - need to make something deliciously sweet to present on it.

  2. It looks like you both had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing your photos and I hope you're feeling better.

    1. Certainly did e, though it rained in Rye the rest of our holiday we hit jackpot with the weather

  3. There is so much to see in the UK that I am a little jealous of your travels already - would love to go to Rye - almost did on one trip but didn't quite have the time when down that way - looks like a fascinating place - I can imagine I would want lots in the Crock and Cosy that I would resist and later regret

    1. Johanna, I agree - its a shame many of us go overseas and miss what is almost on our own doorstep - well you know what I mean. The Crock and Cosy shop was AMAZING, I had eyed up a couple of things but did not get it and yes, I did regret it later.

  4. Rye is so cute!!! And beautiful. And steeped in history. Such gorgeous architecture with the old cement and brick and the cobblestone roads make me think of something out of an old novel. The castle is very beautiful too. The antique store looks fun. It seems like a very great place to visit.

    1. Thanks Kimmy, well worth a day trip indeed

  5. My grandparents live in Rye! Right by St Marys church :) I'm glad you enjoyed your visit, it is a beautiful town.

    1. Thanks Kari, you must be familiar with the shop then?!


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