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Beetroot and Gingerbread Muffins

If you like gingerbread cake, then you are going to like these beetroot and gingerbread muffins. 

I made these muffins a little while ago - in between travelling to and fro Essex and Wales from Scotland.  So I can't rant on about them as much as I would like, but I do remember them being extremely sweet and sticky and such a delight to eat.  Each bite was soft with a burst of spicy warmth from the stem ginger pieces.

A bit like Brussels sprouts, I have an aversion to beetroot.  But I must admit since starting my blog, my opinion of beetroot has changed a lot (can't say the same for sprouts!).  I am not saying that I love beetroot, no no - but I don't dislike it either.  However when beetroot is cooked like this, grated and lost in a sweet crumby cakey textures, how can you not try?!
I saw the recipe for these beetroot and ginger muffins on the Love Beetroot website.  Its aim is to share the beautiful side of this earthy crimson vegetable.  Its history, some beetroot facts, its health benefits as well as encouraging us, namely us Brits to eat more beetroot by sharing a growing collection of beetroot recipes.  Some of these recipes were familiar to me, such as: beetroot dips, beetroot salads, beetroot pancakes, and of course the recently fashionable beetroot - chocolate cake.  But alongside the familiar were a number of  new recipes such as the beetroot bread, American style beetroot pie, beetroot, raising and stem ginger pudding - and the one that tempted me was the sticky ginger and beetroot muffins.  

The original recipe uses cooked beetroot, I decided to use 'raw beetroot' which gave the muffins a slightly pleasant chewy texture.  The original muffin recipe does have a ice glazing, but I decided to give this a miss as the muffins were extremely sweet.  I am sharing some of these muffins with Jacqueline at Tinned Tomatoes who is hosting Bookmarked Recipes, a monthly blog event initiated by Ruth of Ruth's Kitchen Experiments, as well as to Karen's at Lavender and Lovage and Kate of What Kate Baked for the launch of their "Tea Time Treats" and a challenge of "Bonfire Treats and Ginger".  This is also linked to  Mom Trends who is hosting Friday Food.
Beetroot and Ginger Muffins
Makes 12
200g golden syrup
200g black treacle
150g unsalted butter
125g dark brown sugar
100g stem ginger, diced
4 teaspoon ground ginger
250g raw or cooked beetroot, grated
250ml milk
2 medium eggs, beaten
1teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
300g plain flour
Preheat the oven to gas mark 4, line a 12 hole muffin tray with cases.
In a saucepan , add the golden syrup, black treacle, butter, dark brown sugar, stem ginger and both ground ginger. Warm gently until butter and sugar have melted.
Whisk the eggs with the milk, then stir in the grated beetroot and bicarbonate of soda.
Once the butter and sugar have melted, take the saucepan off the heat and add the milk, eggs and beetroot.
Sieve the flour into a large mixing bowl and beat in the wet ingredients until they are smooth.  the  batter will be quite runny, so don't be alarmed (I was).
Fill the muffin cases with the batter - this is easier if you use a jug - and bake in the preheated oven until firm but springy to the touch. Be careful not to overcook the muffins. Remove from the tin and allow to cool on a rack.  These muffins keep really well for a few days in an airtight tin. Original recipe can be found here


  1. I always adore your photo compositions! :) That golden spoon...

  2. Wow these looks really healthy and delicious.

  3. Hi Shaheen: delicious recipe, it's ideal to make it for this weekend! I ussually bake on sunday, like my mother does when I was a child and there are some delightful aromas asociated with baked food and happy childhood. SO Now I want to "create" the same memories for my son.



  4. Delicious - I'd never thought of adding beetroot to anything other than chocolate baked goods, but these sound wonderful.

  5. I'm afraid I love beetroot just as much if not more than brussels so these are a hit in my book.

  6. OOOOOO I want to eat these right now....or perhaps tomorrow when I think I will make some - they look great!!!!

  7. I looove beetroot. There are zillions of salads that we make with beetroot in Russia. Plus, of course, the borscht. I posted a recipe of a cold salad with beets on my blog just yesterday.
    Never tried them in cakes, but was thinking of trying it, as I read some recipes online for the beet and choc cakes. But your recipe might just nudge me to try a novelty recipe, using beets.
    The only thing that I don't like about beets is the way the Brits pickle them. Then it tastes of nothing but vinegar, horrible waste of a good product imo.

  8. yummmm!! i made a beetroot cake a few weeks ago and am looking for other ways to use it in baking...these looks great!!!

  9. Oo yum I love when beets are used in baked goods! I've never used raw beets before though only cooked. Love the idea to use raw. :)

  10. I have never tried baking with beetroot. They look intersting enough to have a go.

  11. I've been longing to try a beet dessert recipe AND I love ginger. These sound like a win win! :-)

  12. This looks great! Will have to try these ;)

  13. Thanks Lela.
    Your comment means a lot x

    Thank you

    Thank you Verónica.
    I agree baking creates wonderful welcoming aromas in the home :)I have no doubt that you will "create" the same wonderful memories for my son - but you also do it in many other ways too. x

    Thanks Kari.
    These were wonderful.

  14. Thanks Magnolia.

    Thanks Liz.
    I hope you enjoy them as much as we did :)

    Thank you Greensleeves.
    I'd love to see some of your Russian beetroot
    salad recipes - so will come on over later today. I can eat beetroot in a salad for sure, but I am not at all keen on borscht.
    Please do try it in cake - beetroot in sweet things is very popular in the u.k at the mo' very fashionable!

    Thanks Victoria.

  15. Thank you Fran.

    Thanks eatme_delicious.
    I was just lazy to cook the beetroot, and it turned out fine as it cooks with the baking :)

    Thanks Cookie Jar - I do so hope you try them, or something else that is sweetly baked.

    Thank you dessert girl.

    Thank you Claire.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  16. I have only ever eaten beetroots (or beets as we generally call them in the US) cooked as a dinner item, but I imagine their texture and mild, but earthy flavor would go well with things like chocolate and ginger. I thought I disliked beets for a long until I tried them again as an adult and found them to be lovely. Despite their deep color, they have a very subtle flavor that I find easy to enjoy. I once posted on Facebook about my love of beets and was surprised at the number of my friends who said they loved them too. I said we were a Beet Brigade!

  17. Miss Rachel - I wanna be part of your Beet Brigade too, seeing that I am growing to like them :)

  18. Mmmm...those look wonderful and sound heavenly. I would love to try those!
    Thank you for coming by my site! I am now following you!


  19. lovely muffins - I have only baked with beetroot in chocolate baking but I fancy a few non chocolate beetroot recipes - I love the stuff except when sylvia smears it over the kitchen table :-)

  20. Hi Johanna, So lovely to hear from you. I don't know why for some reason I though you had fallen out with me, as I had not heard from you a good while x Its really good to hear from you. Yes, I understand why you may not like it when Sylvia smears the kitchen table with beetroot, its better than turmeric though :0)

  21. The Baking Gypsy.
    Thank you so, so much Tammy.

  22. This sounds like a very interesting combination of flavours. I like beetroot but I'm not so keen on ginger. Your pics look fab!

  23. Thanks Baking Addict.
    Shame your not keen on ginger, I have another fellow blogger who feels the same way about ginger too.

  24. MMMMMM,...I love beetroot a lot! I love beetroot in any form or in any dish: sweet or savoury!
    Your muffins look so delectable & easy to make too! :) Another grand recipe! :)

  25. What a wonderful entry for November's Tea Time Treats thanks Shaheen, and I love beetroot in baking as well as ginger so these are perfect for me and my tea time table!

  26. Ditto! Thank you ever so much for entering Shaheen, such a delicious recipe. I'm off now to explore all the other lovely recipes on your blog!

  27. Thank you so much Kate. I Hope you enjoy my space.


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