Saturday, 10 September 2011

Conwy and Llanwrst

I've mentioned that we have been travelling a lot down South, pretty much every fortnight, if not every month.  Ironically, this has been made much easier by the fact that we are both unemployed.  However, D knows that this is all beginning to take its toll on me, not only physically and mentally, but also financially as the travelling to and fro is eating into our savings.  So recently, he has begun travelling down to see his mother on his own. 

This time to seduce me travel down South again he planned our drive via North Wales.  Well I figured, we won't be getting a real holiday this year, a road trip of sorts is better than nothing.  Also this trip will give us an opportunity to visit my family too and check out some rental properties in Wales.
One of our stops in North Wales was the medieval walled town of Conwy, previously known as Conway.  Here are a handful of photographs that we took.
Impressive Art work of mussels.
 A very picturesque Quay here set against Conwy Castle.

This red house tucked in the corner is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest house in Great Britain.

Conwy High Street

 Lancaster Square
St Mary and All Saints Church founded in the 12th century.  Here I noted one particular tomb marked simply 'We Are Seven'.  It tugged at my heart.  Here lay seven brothers and sisters.  It is believed that the poet William Wordswoth was inspired to write his poem of the same name
Our next stop was a little place called Llanwrst - the forager in me was excited to see elderberries dripping from the trees.  Sadly, these were not going to be foraged by me today.

 Llanrwst Pont Fawr
Tu Hwnt i'r Bont

There are many more photographs of North Wales to come, so please come back later in the week. 


  1. Just come back from a week in North Wales and we drove through Llanrwst today on the way home. Conwy looks nice. We didn't make it to there.

  2. We travel M6 to Aberystwyth (via Bala) and back annually. Only been up Conwy valley once. Made it to Bodnant Gardens car park but didn't have time to go in!!! Great pics.

  3. Gorgeous, Shaheen. I'm glad you got a bit of a road trip!

  4. How cute are your frogs!!!! I love Magnolia the movie...! And the tiny house is adorable! Have a nice Fall my dear! I wish for some rain... enough with the Summer here in Athens... How about switch ours houses for a bit ha??? Kisses and hugs, Foivi

  5. Aaah home sweet home, I look forward to seeing more of your photos of my birth place :D xx

  6. I love the little red house, it's so cute!x

  7. Thank you

    Well what a coincidence MorningAJ.
    We were only in North Wales for the Friday/Saturday then down to South Wales. I will have to compare photographs of your trip, esp. of Portmerion.

    Hi Mal.
    I've not been to Bala. We to drove through Aberystwyth for South Wales this time. I've been to Aberystwyth a number of times, especially on school trips, to be honest i don't have much memory of it.

    Hope you get to go again and spend a little more time.

  8. Thank you so much e.
    Me too, it something :) and we have to be grateful for small things!

    Lovely to hear from you donkey and the carrot aka Foivi :)
    The tiny house is adorable!
    Funny your wishing for rain, i wish I could blow the Scottish rain over to Athens as its been raining non stop here. We had only one week of summer sunshine. I hope you have a good Autumn :)

    Oh Taz.
    I am so pleased that you have enjoyed these photographs. I have a lot more to come. Please remind me where your from again? :)
    If you want to cast your beady eyes on more recent Wales phographs, I recommend you visiting MorningAJ's blog (see above - second comment), she was there only last week too
    :D xx

    Thank you Zoe.
    It certainly cute and quaint.

  9. Ahh I love this post!
    I'm from Llandudno, which is about a 10 minute drive from Conwy!

  10. They look like such wonderful places. I've always wanted to visit Ireland and Wales. That red house is so wonderful!

  11. Thank you Claire.
    We didn't get round to visiting Llandudno this time, but I am sure we will oneday in the near future. Please come back later in the week, I have lots of other pictures to share - today its Harlech!

    Thanks foodfeud.
    It really is and a place I'd recommend to the countryside and nature lover.

  12. Oh, now I'm feeling so nostalgic. Conwy is a darling town. Did you get to walk all around the walls? Such gorgeous views from the wall and the castle!

  13. A wee place called Rhos on Sea not far from Llandudno ;) Off to check out more pics at your recommended blog xxx

  14. Thank you Jackie Smith.
    I did get to walk around some of the walls as we parked outside the castle, but i have to admit I prefer it from the distance. I do most castles.

    Thanks Taz,
    You did tell me last time, but I couldn't remember for thanks for reminding me. I hope you enjoy Morning AJ pics, they are pretty good. I know you will enjoy them x

  15. Jealous! I wish that visiting my family meant driving through such picturesque places! I'll be glad to see more pics!

  16. Thanks Lauren.
    I can't wait to move near them soon.

  17. lovely pics, did you walk round the battlements at conwy?

  18. Hi Miss Piggy Bank.
    Thank you - all the sightseeing photos were taken by my husand, I tend to take foodies ones when he lets me. To answer your question, No we didn't walk aroudd the battlements.


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