Sunday, 1 May 2011

Beetroot Croquettes

These 'Beetroot Croquettes' or 'Beetroot Love Bombs' as I pretentiously like to call them are so elegant, that I can't actually believe that I made them with my own hands. 
Croquettes are traditionally made with mashed potatoes, fish, minced meat and/or vegetables, then rolled into a cylindrical shape and generously covered in breadcrumbs before being deep fried.

In my childhood days I was familiar with the plain potato mushy version. I didn't care for the wallpaper pulpy mash inside, but I did like the outer crusty deep fried crunch.  The croquette gained popularity amongst vegetarians in the 1970s with vegetables, lentils, beans, pulses and nuts being incorporated into the potato filling.  It was often served as an accompaniment to a Veggie Roast dinner rather than a snack.  Although I like some of the traditional vegetarian croquettes, I have to admit I do like some of the recent vegetarian re-interpretations.  You can now find croquettes made with aubergine, butternut squash, sun dried tomatoes, tempeh, tofu, millet and Quinoa.
So this is my modern take on the humble potato Croquette.  When sliced open, this Beetroot Croquette delights the eyes with its colour and satisfies the mouth with flavour and the crispy texture of the outer shell.  It was a joy to eat.  I would definitely serve this as a starter to a posh veggie meal. UPDATED: May 2012 - Fellow blogger Patricia at La Chatte Gitane made these at home, see here.  I think they look wonderful.
Beetroot Croquettes
Makes 12 – 14
500g mashed potatoes,
300g beetroot, peeled and grated
1 generous teaspoon garam masala
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Small handful of fresh parsley (or coriander), minced
1 teaspoon salt
1 egg, beaten
Sunflower or Vegetable oil for shallow frying
In a large bowl, add the mashed potatoes, grated beetroot, the spices, parsley and salt and combine well with your hands or a wooden spoon. Taste and tweak seasoning if necessary.
Then take a piece in the palm of your hand, roll into a ball and then mould the mixture into 12 – 14 even sized cylinder shapes about 4 inch long and 2 inch wide. Place on a tray and leave int eh fridge for at least 30 minutes to firm up. Then dip them,  first in beaten egg and then into dried or fresh breadcrumbs until well coated. Set aside. (You can do this in advance).
When you are ready to shallow fry them.  Heat about a tablespoon or two in a wide frying pan, heat gently and then carefully shallow fry the croquettes (about 4 - 6 at a time), gently turning in the oil so that all sides are golden. Place on a baking tray and put in oven to stay warm whilst repeat the process and finish shallow frying the others. Serve immediately with salad or as part of a buffet.


  1. Oh my ! You've done it again !
    I am not a veggie, but I love my vegetables. So much inspiration. Once my beetroots are good to go (will be a while yet) I want to make this.
    *salivating* sorry for dribbeling on your blog. ;)

  2. Looks good to me - I'll certainly give them a go!

  3. HAHA - love bombs!!! Love IT!

  4. What a great idea. I need to get my son to eat vegetables and this might do it.

  5. Beautiful deep-red croquette.
    Lovely recipe ♥

  6. another recipe for me to salivate over and add to my 'still' must do list x

  7. Thank you Patricia.
    Okay for you to dribble on my blog - I am takingit as a huge compliment.

    Thank you marigold jam.

    One Woman

  8. Thanks Jen S.
    The croquette is a geat way to disguise veggies thats for sure.

    Thank you Ana Powell.

    Thank you so much Taz.
    I do hope that you are well x

  9. Oh yum this looks great! I wonder if there's a vegan way to get the breadcrums to stick? :)

  10. Thaks Nerdalicious.
    The filling was moist. In the past I've made potato cakes and not had to roll it in egg for the breadcrumbs to stick, so I think sticking breadcrumbs straight to it, could just work.

  11. Hi! We tried making this today. It was fun and delicious. Hope you don't me linking this recipe.

  12. Malay-Kadazan Girl,
    Oh I am so, so pleased to read that you made these; and moreso enjoyed eating them. Of course I do not mind you linking up, its very kind of you. I will def. be coming by later to check out your variation.


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