Thursday, 12 May 2011

Banana Toffee aka Banoffee Curd

I may be very good when it comes to eating my fresh vegetables, but when it comes to fruit its a completely different story. 

The one fruit you will always find in my fruit bowl is bananas, albeit spotted dark skinned ones.  And like many home cooks when I see ripening bananas I often make a banana bread, banana cake and even banana muffins, but not today.  I remembered bookmarking a 'Banana Curd' recipe in one of my cookbooks by Ursula Ferrigno, but whilst blog reading I came across a version that used less eggs in the recipe.  Ursula's recipe uses 4 eggs, and this one used 2 so for obvious reasons I changed my mind. 
In the past I've bought Banana Curd from a reputable company (see below).  Here I want to show you the difference in colour between the two.  My jars are much toffee like in colour and the other jar, the colour is reminsce of thick set honey. When I looked closely at the ingredients of the bought jar I noted that there were no bananas in the recipe, just banana flavour - now that was disappointing to discover. Well fear not, my home made Banoffee Curd is made with real bananas, sugar and eggs - no artificial colouring and no artificial flavouring.  The colour really is a deep natural caramel; and the texture thick and luscious, as for the flavour, oh my goodness this Banana Curd is extremely sweet - a word of caution - a little goes a very long way. 

I think there is a real possibility that we will be having Waffles tomorrow morning for breakfast.
This Banoffee Curd would be excellent smothered between two cakes sponges, swirled in Greek yogurt or on toast.
Banana Toffee aka Banoffee Curd
Makes 2 x  245ml jars
260g - 280g soft light brown sugar
2 bananas
50g unsalted butter
2 eggs, beaten
Make sure you have 2 sterilized jars and lids ready.
I used my second hand bain marie for this recipe, but if you don't have one - use a heat proof bowl.
Using a fork or potato masher thoroughly mash the bananas with the sugar.  Then transfer either to a bain marie or a large heatproof bowl. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water. Chop the butter into small cubes and stir it into the banana-sugar mix until it has melted.  Then with a wooden spoon gently stir in the beaten eggs. Turn heat low and simmer gently until cooked, stirring constantly until the mixture thickens like double cream, this may take up to 30 minutes.  You know when its ready when the mixture thickly coats the back of a wooden spoon.  Carefully pour the banana curd into sterilised jars, leave to cool before sealing and store in the refrigerator.  Consume within one month or so.  Recipe adapted from here, but you can also find a version in Real Fast Vegetarian Food.  If you like this recipe, you may also like my Strawberry Curd and Clementine Curd recipes.


  1. Your version sounds nicer! Lift out the ice cream immediately...

  2. Oh wow, I am loving this recipe, banoffee to spread on toast - a revelation.

  3. Thanks, I will try this, I just learned to make lemon curd too and I was so excited! This looks delish.

  4. That's just brilliant Mangocheeks. This is another one for mw to bookmark and try out on Cooper. I bet he would love it on toast. I like the fact that there are less eggs in this one too.

  5. This sounds like a tasty treat. I'll definitely have to buy some jars and try this!

  6. Oh, what a very good idea ! I had never heard of banana curd before. Thanks for sharing yet again a wonderful recipe.

  7. This looks great - I'm always looking for new banana recipes.

  8. Oh what a fabulous recipe! How disappointing that the bought jar had no real banana, and what dramatic colour differences. Another excuse to choose homemade!

  9. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind, understanding words on my blog... I'm so sorry to hear you're having to go through a similar situation of transition, and I greatly appreciate your reaching out to let me know I'm not alone...

    I'm SO excited about your gorgeous banana curd recipe! I often have overripe bananas to put to use, and this looks like a dreamy way to transform them and a lovely excuse for waffles... :-)

  10. This may be a bit too sweet for me...I have a problem with the bananas here---picked too green. I love the bananas from the Caribbean, much better flavour but I was spoiled as a younger person always having fresh tropical and local fruits available.

  11. The idea you had for putting it in between a sponge cake, was the first use that came to my mind. This sounds wonderful, especially for Bannoffe Pie lovers!

    Thanks for putting the link for Strawberry Curd - I have been thinking about doing this!

  12. Thank you so much Mark.
    Yes, actually over ice cream would be delicious too.

    Thank you Kath.
    If you like this, I think you are going to like my Banoffee Roulade.

    Thank you so much Beauty and the Green.
    You can't beat good Lemon Curd - its my husbands favourite. You must have a go at making strawberry, clementine and lime curd too!

    Thank you so much Jacqueline.
    So delighted that you like and think that the little man would approve too :)

  13. Thank you Yummychunklet.
    You don't need to buy jars special to make this, just recyle old ones and sterilize them well!

    Thank you Patricia.
    Banana curd was new to me too, until of course I stumbled across it in the book and then at the food show.

    Thank you Duchess_declutter.

    Thank you Hazel.
    Yes, it was disappointing to learn that the bought jar had no real bananas, but hey at least we know now how to make it at home. Only drawback it doesn't store well so has to be consumed once opened.

  14. Oh Astra,
    Stop it your making me blush :)
    Lets hope things fall into place.

    I'm so pleased that you like this Banana curd recipe. Maybe you'll have a go at making some for waffles!

    Thanks e.
    It is extremely sweet - that I cannot deny, so a little does really go a long way.

    The bananas we get in the U.K also tend to be green, they just ripen because they've been in my bowl for such a long time :)

    Thanks James.
    I hope you do get to make some Strawberry Curd. I can't wait for the strawberry season to begin in Scotland so that i can go picking.

  15. oh my word, I am drooling just reading that recipe! Scrummy!

  16. I've never seen banana curd! Sounds delicious! & Yours definitely looks better than the store-bought one!


  18. Oh that is sad...about the comments I mean.

    I looked at this recipe because my greedy little eyes saw the roulade recipe - and I'm really not sure that I need to make it! I make Banoffee Pie quite often and LOVE it, but my bananas are fresh on top, I'd never have thought to put them into the caramel (which is what I think of when you say curd).

    Why "for obvious reasons" when you are talking about eggs?

  19. Thanks Ali.
    Yes, I am disappointed about losing the comments, but Thankful to Blogger for somewhat restoring lost entries (though I am still encountering some problems signing in).

    I love Banoffee Pie too and get nudged by my husband to make it. The banana curd is really versatile. I'm sorry for not being clear Re your last comment - It was simply better to use 2 eggs in place of 4.

  20. I made my first post in ages (since having my baby) and then blogger went down (my post vanished but has fortunately returned). Quite sucky.

    Anyway, lovely to be back to blogging and reading your yum stuff again. I love banoffee pie but have never tried making it. When banana prices come down again (been $AU13 kg since January due to Queensland floods) I will need to make one. Do you have a recipe you could share?

  21. Hi there, just popping over after your visit to our coffee spot. Have been looking through your blog and am really impressed. Lots of yummy sounding recipes, quite different. I prefer lots of vegies with my protein, so will be inspired by your suggestions.

    I like the idea of using bananas as a curd too. Had never heard of that before.

    Cheerio for now, Susan :D)

  22. Hope blogger isn't going to send my comment in a black hole.

    Anyway, concerning asparagus, I used to grow them when I had my farm in France. We love to have them boiled then we eat them with a dressing. But my favourite is slightly "grilled" in olive oil with some fresh garlic and served with fish. YUM!!!! I can eat plenty! ( don't like the side effects of asparagus though... LOL!)

  23. Hi Toru.
    Congratulations on your new born. I'll be over in a while to check out your blog and the return of your post - isn't that peculiar the day you decide to return to blogging, blogger is unwell. Hoping things will be resotred back soon.

    Sorry to read that banana prices have shot up in NZ. Banoffee pie is really easy, there are so many cheat versions. I hope to make some in the future but right now can only direct you to this recipe
    The only thing I do different is I use digestive biscuite for the base and I don't drizzle the top with chocolate. I hope its suitable.

    Thank you for repaying the compliment Susan. So pleased to read that you like my blog space, as well as the recipes.

    The banana curd is a great way to use up those ripening bananas, I'll be making it again thats for sure :D

    Its always lovely to hear from you.
    Yes, I'm still nervous about posting blog posts on blogger and the comments disappearing, we can only hope.

    Oh Patricia, stop it your making me so envious of your farm and home grown asparagus :)
    Your right about enjoying asparagus simply and grilling in olive oil with some fresh garlic is an excellent suggestion. Re side affects, I have to admit, I haven't noticed any, but food does impact on people differently.

    Take care x

  24. What a difference between your version and the bought one. Think it's very hard to find really good commercial food products and if you do, they are generally very expensive. I've recently made lime curd, but think banana curd may be just a little bit too sweet.

  25. Choclette,
    Yes a big difference. The original recipe said to use dark brown sugar too, imagine if I did - it would have been a deeper caramel.

    Yes I saw your lime curd. Great colour.
    Your right this banana curd is sweet, but it evens out when spread on cakes, waffles etc.

  26. Never even heard of banana curd! I dont have this book by Ursula, but have a few others which I love. Homemade is always best. Not sure where I would use it?

  27. LF,
    Banana curd was new to me to until of course i saw it in the book and then on the internet. I'd recommend it slathered over pancakes or waffles.

  28. Banana curd, I haven't heard of it, but slapped through a cake I think that would definitely work!
    I love the look of your roll. I was wondering whether I should give one a go after seeing Choclette's, definitely on my list of things to do now.

  29. My Dad would love this- he's got a sweet tooth. The best thing is that the ingredients are all very ordinary and easy to find. If I ever try this out (which I will, hopefully), I'll let you know the outcome!

  30. Thank you Cityhippyfarmgirl,
    Yes I agree it would be good in a cake.
    You should def. give roulade a go, I'm please I've attempted it now.

    Thanks Sumaiyyah.
    My Dad has a sweet tooth too, but he isn't allowed to have too many sweet things as he has diabetes.

    Yes, I agree the ingredients are accessible for the curd, so easy for anyone to have a go. Please do let me know how your version turns out - sweet I hope.


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