Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Salad Leaves and Pea Shoots

I realise its been a bit monotone on my blog recently, so I thought I'd share a little colour compliments of my garden plot and the sunshine that's been teasing us on and off.
There has been some progress since I last stepped out into it.  The salad leaves are starting show off their many shades of green.  The salad and radish bed is looking good, except for my rocket that has been a bit slow to take off the ground!
Some of the peas have come up.  These will soon feature on our plate.
First of the strawberries peeking through.  As there are not that many growing, I hope I get to them first, before the beasties in my garden. The Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes seem to be growing well, but unlike fellow growers down South, mine have yet to flower.

We've had so much rain the past two weeks, that the grass needs cutting again, but it will have to wait when we come back.  We are due to be travelling down South again the next couple of days.  D's mother has fractured her wrist and it will be in plaster for six weeks. D would have been down there in a shot, but we've both had a stinky cold the past few days, and the last thing we want to do is pass our germs on. So chances are we may be travelling down tomorrow or the day after.
Me - pulling out some weeds from a herb pot.  Above by my head, the wild strawberries in the hanging basket haven't fared well. The hanging baskets are looking a bit knackered too as the birds have been stealing  the wood fibre lining from it for there nests - they do it every year.
I grew these lupins from seed.  I absolutely adore them, but I think the bees in my garden adore them more than me.


  1. You will be pleased to know the weather is still dry in essex not good for the garden but great for washing :)
    cate x

  2. Great pictures!You are so lucky to grow your own vegetables!

  3. Lovely Lovely garden!Great pics! I wish I have a garden like yours! too bad I am living in a high rise apartment :(

  4. Glad to see that you have been able to make a foray into the garden. Will salads be on the menu soon, I ask? Our Bank Holiday weather was very disappointing, and I have had to do a fair bit of watering to keep things alive.

  5. Thanks Cate,
    I'll pass the news on to my husband. We are driving via Wales, where he will drop me off and continue onward to Essex :) I will join him a few days later.

    Thank you Lenia.
    Its a tiny garden - I'm still grateful for it. I once lived on the top floor flat and had no green space to call my own.

  6. Thanks Food Glorious Food.
    Its a tiny garden really, but I'm still lucky than some people who have no green space to grow a little veg. I hope oneday you find a little plot to grow your own :)

    Thanks Mark.
    At the most, the rain kept away today - we even mananged to get some laundry done! Yipee.

    Yes, there will be plenty of salads soon, if not as a main, as a filling in rolls and sandwiches :)

    You know I am rather suurprised that you have had to do a fair bit of watering to keep things alive. If i had the power I'd be so happy to blow some rain your way, as I am getting really fed up with it.

  7. Youe garden is lovey! enjoy all you salads, your lupins are beautiful too :)

  8. Thank you Sooz.
    The lupins make me smile, espcially when the bees are getting dizzy over them.

  9. I love garden posts, yours is truly wonderful! Beautiful pictures!! This little cow is sweet. And what an amazing colour these lupins are! This makes me want to blog about my garden. Let's see, maybe...

  10. Looks like spring IS coming along for you, slowly. Beautiful lupins.

  11. I see we're both loving our salad leaves lately. Your peas look so happy. My french beans are looking worse for wear - I think they've taken a battering in the wind. I'm half tempted to start over but I think it's a bit late for sowing. The lupins are beautiful!

  12. Gorgeous! And I'm very taken with that cow in the first picture :)

  13. Thanks Lela.
    You should blog about your garden.I'd love to see it.

    Thanks foodfeud.
    Would you believe it, it is actually spring here - but with all the rain!

    Thanks Monica.
    I'm sorry to read about your french beans and the damage done by the winds. Check the seed packet, you may be able to sow some more still.

    Thank you Kari.
    Yeah, I like the first one too :) Looks like she's grazing on the salad leaves.

  14. I love getting a peek at other people's gardening progress throughout the main growing season. Thank you for sharing (and I love the wooden cow in your seedling pic!)

  15. Thanks Hannah.
    Yeah, the wooden cow usually lives in my kitchen windowsill, but I brought it out for a change.

  16. It's so interesting to watch the progress of the seasons in other places via blogs. We've had a heat wave lately and the lettuce and radishes have bolted, everbearing strawberries stopped bearing, succession-planted peas are all maturing at once. It looks refreshingly cool and springy at your place.

  17. Thanks tangledbranches.
    Please don't be decieved, the weather in Scotland has been atrocious with winds at 70 - 90 miles per hour and down south in England, its so different with no rain.

    Things are managing to grow though, so I guess thats a good sign :)

  18. Growing lupins from seed! I wish I could, the slugs get mine EVERY time. Yours are very splendid looking.

  19. Thanks Kath.
    I guess i got lucky :)


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