Monday, 18 April 2011

Wild Garlic Hummus

Ah the easy joys of foraging when you know where to look.  This time two years ago, I didn't know where to look for wild garlic.  This year things are different, I knew exactly where to go and I was well prepared as I came back home with a carrier bag full of wild garlic.

Wild Garlic has so many names in the U.K such as broad leaved garlic, bear's garlic, devil's garlic, gypsy's onions, ramson and even stinking Jenny.   Despite these rather ferocious names, the flavour of wild garlic is nothing like the cultivated variety.  I find the flavour of wild garlic a lot more subtle, a little like chives but peppery. I can't say that for the smell - it really is strong and rather dominating, I know this as my small flat is stinking like a wild embankment in Spring, but I am pleased in the knowledge that this week my table will be adorned with dishes made with this gutsy and feisty leaf.  I'm sticking to some old favourites, such as Wild Garlic Pesto, but I also have a few new ideas in my head.  I'm also hoping to make Wild Garlic Gnocchi and Wild Garlic Risotto, both based on the Stinging Nettle versions last year. 

Today its Wild Garlic Hummus.  This is really a simple recipe, I made traditional Chickpea Hummus my usual way see link, then added a good bunch of wild garlic to the blend until well combined.
This Wild Garlic Hummus is excellent with pitta bread chips, tortilla chips and even simply spread on good crusty bread.

I am submitting this dish to Weekend Herb blogging or WHB as it is fondly known was started by Kalyn of Kalyns Kitchen. It is now organized by organized by Haalo of Cook Almost Anything Once. This weeks WHB# 280 is being hosted by Haalo.
For this Wild Garlic Hummus Recipe
You will need:
Tin of cooked chickpeas, drained and rinsed
Juice of a lemon
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh wild garlic, stripped from stalks if large, roughly chopped
Food processor to blend all the ingredients
Blend the required amount of ingredients to suit your taste buds.

This recipe was made by Nami Nami - who also has many other Wild Garlic recipes to inspire you.


  1. I have been having fun with wild garlic making pesto and gnocchi, but I think I shall be wondering down to the river to pick some leaves for a wild garlic hummus this Easter!

    Lovely blog - will look forward to reading through your previous posts - growing food is something I have no experience of... correction... very little experience of... today we planted three tomoto plants. :)

  2. Wild garlic?!? Be still, my heart. This looks irresistible!

  3. At this time of year the smell of wid garlic surrounds my home. Just a short walk from my house the forest floor is covered for miles and miles in wild garlic. i don't know anywhere else where wild garlic grows in such abundance as here (Switzerland). But I've never made wild garlic hummus. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Jeeh! I have never tried hummus with wild garlic! Splendid idea :)
    I still have some left in the fridge, I fear there will be a 'hummuside' tomorrow *hehe*

  5. Lucky you! I wish I knew where to look around here - don't even know if we have wild garlic around here!! Yum.

    I am still contemplating your parsnip recipes, especially the samosa pie. My husband made parsnip pie tonight. I turned my nose up at the idea but ate a small portion of it and it was quite tasty!

  6. Gah! Yet another reason I need to get a food processor! This looks great!

  7. Love this use of wild garlic! This is fantastic!

  8. Looks wonderful, and how nice to cook using an ingredient you've gathered yourself!

  9. Thank you for your comment Ray.
    Its lovely to make your acquaintance.

    Sadly I am not much of a grower now, I lost my allotment plot last year in a fire, but i do try to grow a little in my tiny garden space and pots - its actually how I got started.

    I hope you enjoy reading through my blog - its will keep you busy.

    PS Home grown tomatoes are the best :)

    Thank you Leslie.

    Hi P. M. Doolan.
    Wow imagine walking out of your home to be pleasantly hit in the face with the smell of wid garlic. I guess its good that you like wild garlic :)

    I hope you enjoy this wild garlic hummus, I do have a lot of other recipes on the blog and am due to be making Wild Garlic Socca for lunch today.

    Thanks torwen.
    Liking the 'hummuside'

  10. Thank you so much RuckusButt.
    Your husbands Parsnip pie intrigues me, must have been good if you found it quite tasty!

    Thanks yummychunklet.
    A food processor is one kitchen gadget I totally recommend.

    Thank you Anna A.

    Thank you Laura.
    I certainly have spoiled myself with wild garlic, making the most of it while I can as the season will be gone in a week or two.

  11. Ooh, thats such a lovely colour. Is it more 'herby' than normal hummus?
    I don't think I have any wild garlic near me, so I hope to live vicariously through your blog, especially if you post the risotto!

  12. Thank you Rosie.
    Its flavour is oniony and garlicky. Really good.

  13. This looks and I know, tastes wonderful. If it isn't too late, can you show a photo of the wild garlic? Is it the wild garlic bloom pod I see as decoration on the top of the hummus? Is there a bulb of size or one clove when you pull it out? (always with the questions)))

  14. Thank you GardeningBren.
    I've picked so much that I'd be happy to share :)
    I'll post a photograph of the wild garlic growing with todays post. Yes it is a wild garlic bloom pod on top of the hummus. See the post below from last year that shows the pod open. Its not one garlic pod, but lots of tiny ones almost the size of cumin seeds.
    I picked a lot of leaves this weekend with lots of unopened flower heads, I am putting them in water and who knows I may have some wild garlic heads to garnish a salad.

    I hope this answers some of your questions, if not please let me know - I really don't mind.

  15. We all seem to be making hummus just now, I did last night, Lisa just posted some and here you are with a recipe too! Your recipe and Lisa's are way more exciting than the bog standard lemon and coriander hummus I made last night. I must take inspiration from you both!

  16. Thanks Jacqueline.
    Its a wonderful snack don't you think?!
    Don't knock your recipe, I like lemon and coriander.

  17. I have a stash of wild garlic on my windowsill and chickpeas in the freezer so thank you so much for this inspiration.

    1. Oh I do hope you like Urvashi, I remember it being ever so good.

  18. I've been using wild garlic a lot - in pestos, oils, butters, risottos- but not to season hummus. What a great idea, definitely making this already tomorrow!!

    1. I love the versatility of wild garlic. Hope you like the hummus it was very delicious and very popular with my readers and passers by who have adapted the recipe further with the addition of nettle and rapeseed oil.

    2. Here's my rendition, Shaheen:
      Thank you for a great recipe!

    3. Thanks Pille,
      I am so glad your made it. Will come on by to check out your variation.

  19. You are o fortunate to have found wild garlic! I'm going to search and see what I can find in my area. This dip looks totally delicious and I'd love that milder flavor

  20. Humus with garlic must be interesting. I made humus some time ago and I loved it. I'm always happy with new ideas on it.


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