Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tamarind Wins and Loses

You often read about my success with dishes, but here is one that was edible but still requiring a little tweaking. 

Its a bowl of Tamarind Roast vegetables.  The vegetables include such as carrots, cauliflower, garlic and shallots were all fine, it was the tamarind.  I was a bit heavy handed with the tamarind, it overpowered the dish completely drowning all the other flavours. I also think it lacked a little green, so I will be making this again in the near future.
But its not all bad with tamarind.  Some of you may remember that last month I entered Tinned Tomatoes Slow Cooking Challenge and I submitted this (see below) Slow Cooked Tamarind Vegetable Pot with cumin dumplings to Jacqueline, well guess what?!
I won!!!

I won a 4.5 Litre Flavour Savour Slow Cooker courtesy of Jacqueline and Morphy Richards. When I learned that I had won, I left this comment for Jacqueline. '... I am absolutely gobsmacked I won your Slow Cooker Challenge. I'm really delighted. I so wish you could see the huge smile on my face and the way I am jumping up and down - Imagine a grown woman bouncing on one of those retro space hoppers yelling 'I've won, i've won!' - Well thats me! Thank you so much to you Jacqueline and to Morphy Richards'.


  1. Congratulations on your Win! I'm sure your Tamarind Roast Vegetables recipe will be better second time round. These things always benefit from a bit of trial-and-error!

  2. Congrats on winning a slow cooker! That's so exciting!

  3. Good for you! I'd be jumping up and down too, I'm sure. I am still contemplating which parsnip recipe(s) of yours I will be trying. I will keep you posted! Looking forward to seeing the prize when it arrives...

  4. nice - congrats! I always love your recipes.

  5. Congratulations, I spotted that you had won on Jacqueline's Blog. Well done.

    I'm sure it's something you will be able to make very god use of and I look forward to seeing some of the recipes you devise for your new toy.

    Sue xx

  6. congratulations - look forward to seeing you using it on the blog - am sure you will give it some of your usual creativity

  7. You've got to be so careful with tamarind, haven't you? It's one of my favourite flavours but there are a few times I've had to panic a bit about the tamarind. I found coconut the best balancer to date - even if you were to make a bit of coconut rice to go with it, it would make a huge difference.

  8. Thank you Mark.
    I'm probably gonna wait for wintry weather when I attempt this recipe again. Your right sometimes a little trial and error - lots of those coming up with the wild garlic I've picked - hopefully many will be good first time round.

    Thank you Kimberly.

    Thank you RuckusButt.
    So pleased to read that the win would have bee having a similar impact on you :)

    Looking forward to seeing which of the parsnip recipes tempt you.

    Thank you so much Wendy.

  9. Thank you Sue.
    With Spring here, it may be that i won't use it until Autumn time, but you never know.

    Thank you Johanna GGG.

    Thank you so much Jen S.

    Thanks Greedyrosie.
    Lovely to make your acquaintance.

    Your so right about tamarind, easy does it. Thanks for recommending the coconut, i know it has that cooling effect on food, it just went out of my head when i had cooked this. I'll remember for next time.


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