Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fresh Beetroot Recipe ideas

I can't remember the last time I stepped out in my garden. Over the past three months, I've managed to avoid most tasks that have involved venturing out in the garden. Tasks such as cutting and bringing up fresh hardy herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme for cooking; and emptying vegetable scraps into the compost bin had all been allocated to my husband, as the wimp in me wanted to stay cosy and warm inside, dry from the wintry weather that has been battering us all all recently.

Well today the sun shine came out and I could not ignore the gardening tasks ahead of me, so I stepped out for a little while.
Whilst pottering around a little and taking mental notes of what has to be done, I harvested the last of my vegetables: Beetroot - Barabietola di Chioggia and Detroit 2. As I dug them out, I found so many wriggly worms - an excellent sign.
After washing them thoroughly and delighting over the colours, I wondered what to make with them?

Here are a few recipe ideas to ponder on:
Beetroot Hash

Beetroot Bular Pilau

Gold Beetroot and coriander pakoras

Beetroot and cheese slices

Beetroot Cumin Pasta

Beetroot Gnocchi

Beetroot Risotto

Red and Gold Beetroot, Coriander and Feta Salad

Beetroot Fritters

Beetroot - Mint Tea cakes

Beetroot and chocolate waffles

Beetroot Muffins



  1. Wow! So many ideas!!! Now i don't have any excuse not to eat healthy!!!!

  2. Thanks for the recipes! I still have a few beets left out in the garden, - I think the tea cakes will be happening soon :-)

  3. Just wonder how beetroot retain its perfect colour after staying in dirt for months... Over here there is no winter to stay inside, get cosy and marvel at garden through the window.. :)

  4. So pleased to read you have been able to get out in the garden. Now didn't that lift your spirits. Don't worry MC...the harsh weather will soon be gone and spring is here soon..and you will get it before us in Nova Scotia.

    Your beets look lovely, but I am tired of the root vegetables..I want spring food now. Can't wait for asparagus, and early greens from the raised bed. Now, have you found any new to you pots or containers for your garden?

  5. Beetroot risotto! Yum, thanks for all the great recipes!

  6. Are those Barbietola di Chioggia the ones with concentric rings of pink inside? And if so, do they taste any different to the red ones? I have bought some seed for golden beetroot this year. I tried them recently and found them to be much sweeter than the red ones - intriguingly different.

  7. Thank you so much donkey and the carrot.
    I have to let you know, not all the recipes featured here are healthy, but they are tasty - well most of them :)

    Thank you gumboot goddess.
    I wasn't a huge fan of the beetroot, but I have to put my hands up and say I have changed mymind somewhat. I think the secret is to find recipe ideas that appeal. Please let me know how you find the Beet mint (tea) cakes :-)

    Hello Bangchik.
    I've seen your comments on many fellow bloggers blogs, so am so pleased to read a comment on mine. Thank you for visiting :)

  8. Always an honour to hear from you Dear Brenda.
    It did please me to be out in the garden, but my heart sank a little too. The fencing that parts our and the neighborus garden fell with the strong winds, I know it will be left to D and me to fix :(
    I am really looking forward to the spring. I've hardly seen any snowdrops here. Looking forward to a little colour to brighten the days.

    I understand your tiredness towards the root veg. I too am lookign forward to Spring food. I did come by earlier, and see your asparagus. My husband is really envying that raised bed of yours :) He likes asparagus much more than I do, so is waiting patiently for the season to arrive. I think I have my fair share of pots, so no more for now. Warmest of wishes.

    Thank you Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes.
    Its a pretty shocking colour.

    Hi Mark,
    The Barbietola di Chioggia are the ones with concentric rings of pink inside. Yes they do taste a little differnt from the red, not as earthy in flavour, a tad milder.

    Two years ago, I grew the golden beetroot. I def. prefer the gold to the red and pink.

  9. Beetroot risotto, is definitely my favourite.
    I love making it too
    Have a great week ♥

  10. Thank you Ana.
    The colour of beetroot risotto just stuns the senses.

  11. Thank You for sharing all those lovely recipes I will try some next week

  12. Thank you Cate.
    Now I am wondering which one you will try :)

  13. hurrah for sunshine and beetroots - my eyes slid down to the beetroot and chocolate recipes - always a good combination

  14. What a lovely beet recipe round-up. I have been enjoying raw beet grated into my salads. I like how it turns the apples pink! :)

  15. beautiful photos. have you started any seeds yet for this season's garden?

  16. What gorgeous beet and they haven't been eaten by any pests while they overwintered - lucky you. Ours were munched away. Here comes spring at last.

  17. Thanks Johanna.
    I have yet to make the famous beetroot and chocolate cake. I might possibly do that in the next few days.

    Thank you Janet.
    I actually don't mind raw beetroot grated, must try them in apples:)

    Thank you so much Emily.
    Both have been taken by my husband, so I will pass on the compliment. I haven't started sowing any seeds. My head is not there yet, sadly have other things on my mind.

    Thank you Kath.
    A couple of them were nabbed by the pests, but most of them were good. Yes welcome to the spring.


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