Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Panfried Tofu in Chinese Black Bean sauce

This dish was my attempt to acknowledge and celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year - Year of the Rabbit in Scotland. I had great intentions of making my own black bean sauce. I was even going to cut out tofu in rabbit shapes. Then I would have been able to call the dish something more interesting like 'pan fried 'tofu rabbit' in black bean sauce', but I didn't have the patience, energy or enthusiasm today. Instead I offer you a plate of 'pan fried tofu in Chinese Black bean sauce' generously ladled over plain boiled rice.
I know some people would assert that stir fries are perfect mid week suppers, as they can take minutes to make, but I think they overlook the time it can take to peel and slice the raw vegetables. Of course once that preparation is done, then yes it is speedy.
I have to put my hands up today and admit that I was actually a bit of a cheats feet tonight. I've used a jar of shop bought black bean sauce and (reduced priced) prepacked and sliced vegetables for stir fries. The packet contained: matchstick carrots, sliced mushrooms, sprouts and some shredded greens. The only components of the meal that I made from scratch was the rice (yes I know it should traditionally be noodles), and the pan fried tofu strips, which were stirred into the sauce. The meal was just okay.

Anyway, may I wish all my readers, especially those whom are celebrating the Chinese New Year - A very Happy New Year.


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you!

  2. Your veggie & tofu stir frie looks more than okey to me!

    Looks delectable!!!

  3. Cheats feet - that has made me laugh.

  4. YUM! I always order beef in black bean sauce, but I need to try the veggie version.

  5. No matter what you did or's quite lovely to look at and I know it's delicious...and yes prep time is the big thing in Chinese cooking...once everything is ready to go it does go quickly! Enjoyed reading the article you linked my computer because it allows me to learn things about so many different cultures!

  6. Thank you Alessandra.
    Happy Chinese New Year to you TOO!

    Thanks Sophie.
    Your such a confidence booster :)

    Thanks Kath.
    Something my brothers would say when we were small and playing games of sorts.

    Thank you little t.
    Please do try the veggie version.

    Thank you so much Theanne.
    There is not much happening in my part of Scotland - the West coast, so I thought East coast was better than no link. So I am delighted to read that you enjoyed reading the article. I so agree - our computer and the interweb has been a marvel!

  7. I read somewhere that rabbit means wealth, well whatever it turns out to be this rabbit year, hope it will be good to us all! Love your presentation, photos are amazing and of course the food is too!

  8. Thank you Mateja.
    I agree - lets hope it will be a good one for us all.

  9. Speaking of rabbit...there were lots of prints in the New falling snow today...and speaking of snow..think you got your fair share in Scotland as well.

    Hope you don't feel guilty over "cheats feet" (you made me laugh)))).... you put so much prep into so many meals and lots of people don't have the time for that, so you just taught "us" a shortcut...great!!

  10. trust me, my mouth is watering right now just by looking at the pictures. Happy CNY to you! :)

  11. Nothing wrong with a jar of blackbean sauce. We had stir fried tofu this week too! But we had ours with thick udon noodles, some brussel sprouts too which I was using as a for the first time as my bok choy had gone off(which is shame as that's a far superior stir fry ingredient), peppers and water chestnuts. Like yours I thought ours was OK. I missed having crunchy stuff like mange tout in there. Hubby won't eat cooked carrots as they go slimey! Shame as carrot shak (curry) is just so yum for me.
    Long ago we gave up on store bought stir fry mixes as they never have the right quantities of the veg we like.

  12. Gardeningbren x
    Bunny snow prints sound wonderful to me. The snow here has stopped replaced by rain falling in every direction, even horizontally!

    Thanks for forgiving me with my quick supper. I like the way you have put it, 'so you just taught "us" a shortcut...great!!'. I can feel a little smug :)

    PS Chests feet just fell off my tongue. Its a word me and my siblings used a lot when we were small playing games, especially if someone dared cheat! I wonder if its a word my nephews and nieces use now?! I shall have to find out.

    Oh Thank you so much Jean :)
    Happy CNY to you too! :)

    Thanks Plummy Mummy :)
    I really enjoyed reading your comment.
    I just felt a tad guilty, afterall this blog shows dishes made by scratch (other than puff pastry).

    I have yet to try udon noodles. Interesting to add brussel sprouts. shame your bok choy had gone off, I do agree it is a super stir fry ingredient. Stir fries def. need crunch.

    I have to admit, its the first time ever I purchased store bought stir fry mixes and only because it was reduced - don't think i'll be doing it again, as it wasn't very fresh.

    Thank you so much Morgan.

  13. "Kung Hei Fat Choi", as they say in Cantonese...
    I'd buy the black bean sauce, because it is impractical to make my own, but there's no way I would buy pre-prepared stir-fry veg. Yuk!

  14. Thanks Mark :)
    I don't know any Cantonese, but for CMY I learned this very simple Cantonese phrase:
    Kung Hei Fat Choi
    Do you know in short it means 'wish you luck'. I also read a direct translation would be 'wish you making lots of lucky money'. Interesting, don't you think?! Anyway, I totally agree about the prepared sitr fry veg, i won't be doign that again - even if it was reduced price!

  15. This looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thank you so much Beauty and the Green.

  17. I don't know how it tasted but pictures look really delicious.
    I agree on preparation for stir fry - cooking is quick but all the precise chopping and preparing can take ages :)

  18. Thank you for your comment fried tofu.
    :) So pleased you agree with the prep of stir fry dishes.


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