Friday, 17 December 2010

Cauliflower, broccoli and leek gratin

This is not the prettiest of dishes, but this vegetable gratin was packed with flavour, texture and bite. I especially liked the herby-seedy bread crumbed topping. It was light, crisp and very satisfying.
I don't have a recipe for this gratin, but it is quite straight forward. Either steam or boil the chopped vegetables: cauliflower, carrot and broccoli until tender. Drain and set aside. Saute the leeks in some oil, then mix into the cooked vegetables. Tip into a large ovenproof dish. Now make some béchamel sauce. Pour over the béchamel sauce. Top with some grated cheddar cheese (optional) and a breadcrumb topping.
For me it’s the topping that makes this dish. D made some bread at home, before you get all impressed, it was in a bread maker! He is a better bread maker than me. Whether its been from scratch or in a bread maker, many of my previous attempts have resulted in 'hit and miss' loaves. His have been consistent. I nabbed the butt ends and whizzed them in a food processor.
Added a mix of sunflower, pumpkin seeds, linseed, a little seasoning, minced fresh parsley and then drizzled over some olive oil, before scattering over the veg and béchamel sauce. Bake at gas mark for about 30 minutes. Serve with some new potatoes or brown rice if you wish, but I think its quite substantial as it is.


  1. Oh this looks delicious (and I happen to have some leeks)))). Just by reading it's components one knows it's going to taste great. Clever adding the sunflower and pumpkin seeds to the crumbs!

    I had to laugh about D because the same thing has happened in this house and Mr. is the machine baker of bread. I tease him as his great grandfather was a baker in Merry Ole and it comes to him honestly. His bread never fails...unlike (yours and) mine..hit or miss.

  2. Thanks Gardening Bren.
    I am so plesed to read that you like this dish, despite it not looking pretty on the plate. Its funny, I am not big into looks, but flavour, but in the blog world appearance like appearing in a food magazine is a factor to get traffic and comments.

    So you have leeks, this Welsh person is a little envious :) The addition of seeds to the crumbs really is tasty!

    I think we have a lot in common. It made me smile to read that its the same in your home re breadmaking. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Oh how I would enjoy this and it has been so long since I last did. I must try it with breadcrumbs. in the past, I have just topped it with cheese or occasionally a puff pastry topper. Yum!

  4. Thanks Jacqueline.
    So glad you like the sound of the breadcrumb topping.

  5. What a delicious selection of recipes! The Butterflies are beautiful and so happy-making at this gloomier time of year. Thanks for popping by my blog! I'm now following you in Google Reader.

  6. Looks like we've both got gratins with breadcrumb topping on the brain. I'm planning to make this winter saffron gratin this week, based on root veggies. But I'm such a sucker for broccoli. I must try yours!

  7. Thank you so so much Boulder Locavore.
    I wish you could see the big smile on my face!

    Thanks Monica.
    I will need to come by and check out your gratin :P

  8. What a georgous & tasty looking winter oven dish!

    Looks incredibly tasty!


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