Saturday, 11 December 2010

Strawberry Curd Yogurt Loaf

About a month ago I watched Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall River Cottage Every day, I was inspired to make some of his Lemon Curd muffins, but was going to replace the lemon curd with some of my home-made strawberry curd.
Then I don’t know what happened in between, but I changed my mind from making the Strawberry curd muffins to a Strawberry curd cake.

I basically took an ordinary plain yogurt cake recipe and incorporated strawberry curd into it. It was a lovely success. As you open the oven, you are immediately hit in the face with the waft of strawberry zingyness.
I recommend making this cake a day in advance, as I think it tastes much better the following day. I am sending this Strawberry Curd Loaf to Julia who is holding a Snow Day Bake-Off. I’ve actually forwarded a few recipes to Julia’s food blog event called 'In the Bag' before, last December it was Cranberry Waffles and previous to that my Welsh Glamorgan Pakora’s based on the famous Glamorgan sausages.
Anyway, I am off now to enjoy another slice of this Strawberry curd yogurt cake and watch the waxwings from the window continue to feast on the last of the apples on the tree.
Strawberry Curd Yogurt Loaf (cake)
200g plain flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
100ml natural yogurt
200g sugar
3 eggs
80ml sunflower or vegetable oil
100ml strawberry curd
Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4. Grease or line the bottom of a loaf pan with parchment paper.
Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl. In another bowl, whisk together the yogurt, sugar and eggs. Slowly whisk the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. With a spatula, fold the vegetable oil into the batter, making sure it's all incorporated. Then gently stir in the strawberry curd. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for about 50 minutes to an hour, or until a cake tester placed in the centre of the loaf comes out clean.


  1. I remember your strawberry curd! THe cake looks lovely, perfect for breakfast for me, with a bowl of caffellatte :-)


  2. Thanks for sharing that recipe looks so good. I need a cup of coffee with that!!!

  3. Thanks Alessandra.
    Ah for breakfast sounds good to me too :)

    Little Messy Missy.

  4. Looks good , but I don't know what is strawberry curd?

  5. Thanks Zexxy. See link below.

  6. Hello mangocheeks, the cake looks delicious. I could not think of a better place then watching the birds...

  7. Thank you Titania.
    Nice to make your acquaintance.

  8. ohh yum! Have you tried Hugh's pancake recipe from that series, they come out perfectly every time :-)

  9. I certainly have Scented Sweetpeas.
    He is perhaps my favourite TV Celeb. Chef.

  10. I love Hugh's show, he makes it all look so natural and easy. My favourite was when he got all the city people who were eating really bad quality fast food for breakfast lunch and dinner, and then showed them how to really make good food. Just fabulous.

  11. I've been looking for a yogurt loaf recipe! This is great. I also had no idea what strawberry curd was, now looking at your recipe I understand. I have never seen it, we just have lemon curd here. It sounds divine!

  12. Thanks Anna.
    I've never seen Strawberry (or cranberry) curd in the shops ever here in the U.K, just lemon curd - so ended up making my own. Its a lovely change.

  13. MMMMM,..what a tasty cake this must be with yoghurt & strawberry curd in it,...festive looking too!

  14. It looks lovely, I'm sure it tastes delicious too. How wonderful to have waxwings to watch, they've never visited my garden.

  15. Thank you Sophie.
    Yes, I guess there is something festive about it.

    Thanks Jo.
    Yes, we have been lucky this weekend with the waxwings, they don't seem to be here today though :( Off on their merry ways.

  16. I LOVE strawberries in baking, they're not used enough IMO. Very pretty.

  17. Thanks Emma,
    Last year when I was growing them I used them loads in baking. I even made a strawberry cheesecake muffin - really tasty.

  18. What a brilliant idea and I must try your strawberry curd. They both sound amazingly good. Mmmmmmm :P

    How about entering one of your lovely photos into this month's No Croutons Required, the topic is festive photos? Add a link and drop me an email if you decide to enter.

    Oh and by the way, congratulations on being in this month's Cook Vegetarian magazine. Lovely recipe and photo. Hopefully it will just be the first of many inclusions xx

  19. Homemade strawberry curd sounds delicious. The strawberry loaf look very moist :D


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