Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sweet and spicy cauliflower tart

A welcome change from pizza.

Plus its an excellent way to eat and enjoy cauliflower!
This tart is made with a puff pastry base which is then topped with golden cauliflower florets. These florets are complimented by the sweet taste from cherry peppers, zing from capers and warmth (not heat) from chilli flakes.
I had a jar of pickled cherry peppers that had to be used and this was one way I thought they'd be appreciated.
Sweet and spicy cauliflower tart
Serves 4 - 6
500g puff pastry
1 medium cauliflower
Olive oil
Coarse salt to taste
Handful of coriander or parsley, minced
1 generous tablespoon of capers, rinsed and minced
2 large cloves garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon chilli flakes or to taste (optional)
Salt to taste
Thinly sliced pickled peppers
Roll out the puff pastry and line 2 8 inch round cake tins. Set aside.
Cut the cauliflower in even-size florets. Drain and dry well.
In a wide shallow pan, pour enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Heat the olive oil on high heat. Place the cauliflower in the pan and cook on high heat until it begins to brown, then reduce to medium and continue cooking until it is golden and cooked through, tossing it over now and again to ensure all sides are cooked well, this should take up to 10 minutes. When the cauliflower is nearly ready, add the garlic, herbs, capers, chilli flakes and salt. Combine well.
Remove from heat and tip the cauliflower mixture evenly into the two cake tins. Top with sliced peppers. Bake in oven gas mark 6 for 25 to 30 minutes or until golden. Serve immediately. Recipe idea inspired by this one.


  1. This looks and sounds spectacular. I love pickled peppers and capers; I'm sure it all comes together deliciously in the puff pastry. Thanks, as usual, for the inspiring food idea.

  2. This looks so yummy! I really love roasted cauliflower so I am definitely going to try this one.

  3. Oh this looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. I think I have said something similar every time!

  4. It looks great, a good way to use cauli, and I like the fact that for once a cauliflower puff pastry flan doesn't have white sauce! :-)

  5. I was wondering if you'd grown the cherry peppers and then you revealed you hadn't. If you'd fibbed we would never have known and more to the point would have believed you - your garden plot is like a magic hat you pull unusual things out of!

  6. always looking for a new way with cauliflower, my favourite vegetable.....thank you for sharing this recipe. I will give this a try.

    Jeannie ;0D

  7. Ok this is by far the prettiest pizza I have ever seen! I bet it tasted awesome too!

  8. I like this cauliflower tart, it looks beautiful, I'll have to try it, all your veggie recipes are well thought out and creative, I would have to say that you have an knack for preparing vegetables in interesting and spicy ways!

  9. This looks great and tasty.I love cherry peppers,do you preserve you own...I do mine stuffed with capers and anchovies,under oil...Yvette x

  10. That looks delicious. I love those cherry peppers, did you grow them?

  11. This looks like a fun and delicious way to have cauliflower!

  12. Simple and easy, what a great way to eat cauliflower.

  13. Thank you so much Rose.
    The pickled peppers were my favourite part.

    So glad you like and are actually looking forward to making this Jamily.

    Thank you Heather of Where's the Beach.
    I still appreciate the comment and the compliments.

    Thanks Alessandra.
    I agree with you and really appreciated this without a white sauce.

    Oh nic @ nipitinthebud.
    Thank you.
    I so wish the cherry peppers were mine (one-day). Thank you for your lovely compliment re my tiny garden plot - I do wish it was bigger though - so that I can pull out more things out of it like magic!

  14. Thank you Green Jeannie.
    Like you - I too am always looking for a different ways to enjoy cauliflower, but unlike you its not my favourite vegetable. I have over the past couple of years learned to appreciate it a bit more, hence the reason I am growing some of my own for once.
    I do hope you enjoy.

    Thank you so much Carissa.
    Its did taste pretty good. Okay it tasted awesome.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment Pacheco Patty. It really is appreciated.
    Yes I too like to think tha I have a knack for preparing vegetables in a spicy way at least.

    Thanks Yvette.
    If I had grown my own cherry peppers, they certainly would have been home preserved, buit unfortunately these are not my own. I admire that you preserve your own, maybe one day I will do the same too.

  15. Thanks Angelcat.

    Thanks Kath and no, sadly those red beauties were not home grown or home preserved.

    Thanks Morgan.
    It was a fantastic way to eat cauli!

    Thanks Mimi.
    Simple, easy and delicious.

  16. This is without a doubt more heardy than a pizza, and better for you too. It's very pleasing on the eye as well. :D

  17. Thank you Eve.
    Totally agree its much better - healthwise - to eat than a pizza.

  18. You have such great ideas!! This looks delicious.

  19. I've had an abundance of cauliflower lately and was looking for inspiration. Thanks!

  20. So delighted you like this RuckusButt.

  21. I never tasted picled peppers before,..this cauliflower tarte looks quite fabulous!! I so love the flavours you have used!


  22. So lovely to hear from you Sophie.
    I'd recommend trying pickled peppers - sweet ones esp.


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