Monday, 19 July 2010

Little Bo' Peeping

in the garden plot.
Well you know my broccoli is coming up trumps.
But so are some of the cauliflowers. I don't think I've ever grown cauliflowers so big. Okay I know for some of you this is medium or even a small head, but for me this is a big and a major success. In the past my cauliflower heads have been the size of a ping pong ball - seriously.
The Goldrush courgette that I spied a little while ago are fattening. I think a couple of them may be ready this weekend.
The courgette di nizza, a round variety are also growing well, but a little behind. But who knows, one minute they are the size of a golf ball, the next a cricket ball.
As well as finding some hestia dwarf runner beans at the weekend, I also saw some Blue lake climbing green bean. The neckar gold, blauhilde climbing beans and Scarlet Emperor Runners are just beginning to flower.
I lifted a Trocadero lettuce. This one is much fuller than those I've picked earlier on. So perhaps its my fault not giving them enough space to flourish. I better give them another chance before chucking the seed packet away.
To end, my apples are still falling from the tree. Will this wind and persistent rain ease off. Please, some blue skies would be really appreciated.


  1. I really did get some heads of cauliflower the size of ping pong balls in my Coop produce this year! haha. They were tiny! Good job on the garden!

  2. The garden plot is looking fabulous! I'm really impressed by the cauli (I've never had much luck with a lot of brassicas - doesn't stop me from trying, though!). My di Nizza courgette is a little slow growing (though yesterday I got a tennis ball sized courgette from it!), but seems happy enough taking it's time. Have you tried growing 'Summer Ball' courgette? This is my first year trying it, and it's been pretty impressive! A compact bush that produces silly quantities of round yellow fruits. Apparently they can be left on the plant to mature into pumpkins! Let me know if you'd like any seeds for next year!

  3. That cauliflower looks absolutely perfect, as does everything else growing in your garden. Sorry to hear about those apples though.

  4. Ooh! I'm excited about your cauliflower, Mangocheeks. We too specialise in the ping-pong variety, did you do anything out of the ordinary to get such a size?

    I grew the gold rush courgettes over summer, and liked these better than the green ones for some reason. I don't think I've seen the di nizza type before, must have a look. Great photos :)

    (PS you are right, it is *very* nippy here...brr!)

  5. I was just wondering the other day, in a semi-ignorant way I have to admit, how brocoli grows (on a tree, in the ground...?) and then I click on your blog and the answer is right there in the first picture! Thankyou! :D

  6. Beautiful pictures!

  7. Oh Morgan.
    Your so cute!

    Thank you so much littleblackfox.
    I'm really impressed by the cauli too, in fact all of the brassicas I've planted in the plot are doing grand. Glad you haven't given up on trying. Hope one-day you get good brassicas to eat:).

    No I haven't tried 'Summer Ball' courgette, simply because i haven't seen that variety. Sounds like they would have been ideal for the space I have. So yes, the answer is 'yes please' i'll take some for next year. But no rush. Thank you once again.

  8. Thank you so much Kath.

    There are still some apples hanging in on there, so its not all bad (hopefully).

    Oh Christine Thank you so much for being excited about my cauliflower, I'm thrilled.

    Sorry to read that youe too specialise in the ping-pong variety. The only thing I did differently this year. As well as planting my own seeds @Igloo' variety. I have to admit I bought 6 seedling plants from the garden centre. I will show you a picture of the 'igloo' variety later in the week. Looks very differnt from the one above.

    I agree with you about the gold rush courgettes. I grew a yellow variety a couple of years ago and preferred them over the green ones too. The di nizza taste like the green courgettes, they are just round. I grew them a couple of years ago and they did really well, so though go with what worked last time, esp as I Have little growing space this time.

    Hope it warms up for you too.

    Ah Bexando.
    I am so glad to be of service!

    Only last year I learned how peanuts grew - in the ground :D

    Thank you so much Emmalene.

  9. Your garden plot looks lovely, Mango. I've given up on growing cauliflower: the loopers always get it and even though I tie the leaves around the head, it's never white. Your broccoli is awesome, too.

  10. Your garden is looking good! I'll try to send you a bit of the sun and heat that we have over here, OK?

    Ciao :-)

  11. Thank you Barbara.
    I don't have much luck growing cauli from seed, so the success have been half and half.
    And I've always picked the caulis before having to tie the leaves around the head.

    Thank you Alessandra.
    Please do send some sun this way. It would be most appreciated!

  12. Hi!! It is lovely to grow vegetables out of your garden. What an accomplishment. Lovely. :)

  13. Not sure how I missed this post...jumping in a little late, but I have to say, your produce looks really have a lot of high quality produce coming out of your little home garden. Well done! I want to sign up for lessons please!

  14. MySimpleFood
    Thank you for your lovely compliment.

    Thank you so Much Rose.
    I'm really pleased with the way veg is coming up too. But its not all good. The peas have been rather disaapointing, I know I only planted out about 8 plains, but so far I've barely gathered enough for a meal.

    So I'm not ready yet to give lessons :D But appreciated the kind compliment.

  15. it is great to see just how much you can produce without an allotment - I really wanted to see the cauliflower next to something so I could see the size but even without comparisons it looks impressive

  16. That cauliflower looks so cute. One of my favorite vegetables!

  17. Oh they all look fantastic! I've never had any luck with cauliflower and my broccoli is pathetically small so far (though I did dream I had massive ones - does that count?).

    Hope you get some sun and heat. Those courgettes will be ripe before you know it. I love you they can treble in size in just a couple days.

  18. Thanks Johanna.
    Yeah, its the first time ever I have crammed so much into it. the soil will be replenishing when I'm done with it.

    The next cauli I lif from the garden. I promise to show it next to something. I picked a 'snowball' caul. Though i have a photo to show of it, its not next to anything. Sorry in advance.

    Thanks Monica.
    Yeah, I remember you telling me that cauliflower was oneof your favorite vegetables!

    Thank you Christine.

    I've grown caulis before and have had any luck, until this year! No, dreaming of large of massive doesn't count - Sorry :)

    Yes, still waiting for some sun. Its piddling down. The drive home was horrible! No peeking in the garden today I will just look like a drowned mouse, so the courgettes will have to wait my gaze.

  19. I'm so envious of your beautiful, edible garden.
    The squash and blossoms are so gorgeous!!!!


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