Friday, 16 July 2010

Go Nairn

Part of the reason I post our travels around Scotland is so that family and friends who don't leave near by can enjoy them. I am also always delighted to read that fellow bloggers enjoy them too and really appreciate reading your kind comments. Thank you.
This is my final posting of my Highland adventures. Before heading back to the West coast our last stop was Nairn. Nairn has recently been named as one of the 'Top 10 up and coming Destinations'. Actually its in at number 9. Not surprising as it was once described by a visitor in 1886 as "the Brighton of Scotland". Its been a popular holiday destination since Victorian times. Nairn is located on the coast of the Moray Firth some 15 miles east of Inverness. It apparently enjoys one of the sunniest climates in the country, well not whilst we were there. It may have been heavy, it may have been light - but it rained, rained and continued to rain on us. Such is Scottish weather. Unpredictable.
Bandstand and seafront
Early hours of the morning and the sandy beach is deserted.
Maybe the menacing skies have got something to do with it.
The skies didn't seem to bother this galloping dog - king of the beach!
Like many harbours on the east coast is was developed as a commercial harbour for fishing boats. With the fishing industry in decline commercial boats have been replaced by leisure craft in recent years. For that reason Nairn harbour has become a popular place for tourists and boaters alike.
These days Nairn Harbour has been described as a cross between a harbour and a marina. I think it depends where your standing.
I really liked Nairn. Its High Street although small was bustling and thriving. I was extremely impressed with its number of independent shops and coffee and tea shops.
But sadly other parts not so much. Not far from here was the Nairn Museum run by volunteers.
Sadly we did not get round to seeing the 'Moving automata' running at Nairn Museum, but this is the next best thing. A trailer on YouTube.
Fascinating don't you think!?
The exhibition runs up to the 25th August 2010.
The Nairnshire Telegraph for Nainites!
On our way back home, we had a wee break on the roadside only to discover Brodie Castle in the distance. Whoops, have just been corrected by a Nairnite - its not Brodie Castle, its Blair Atholl Castle, my husband did tell me this, but obviously I wasn't listening. Bad wife.
Final stop to stretch our legs was at the Battlefield of Killiekrankie. This is a view from Killiekrankie.


  1. Mango- I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your vacation and looking at all of your amazing photos! Incredible pictures! I love the bandstand and seafront picture! Its beautiful, and almost a little lonely looking with the gloomy skies, which is very cool to look at. And that museum would certainly have been something to see, very very interesting, I have never seen something like that. It seems to have been a wonderful vacation with lots to look at. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with the rest of us!

  2. What beautiful pictures! You really are a great photographer! My brother would die to go to Scotland. He has been wanting to go for the longest time now. Our ethnicity is largly Scottish :)

  3. Great pictures, very nice views. And I enjoyed seeing the moving automata clip. I guess the NYC Macy's store window around Christmas time owes a lot to it.

  4. Totally Enjoyed all your posts on Scotland :)
    It must have been a Wonderful trip looking at it thru your eyes :)
    Thanks for the mini vacation, Have a Wonderful day ~

  5. love that photo of the dog - he sure looks happy! The view of the mountains and castle must have been breathtaking.

  6. Thank you so much Morgan.
    I enjoyed my long weekend away too, not so much a vacation, but certainly felt like one!

    I agree the place does look a little lonely looking with the gloomy skies.

    I'm so pleased you enjoyed the clip of the Automata. I am sure seeing it in real would have been much more an experience.

    Thank you Carissa.
    Majority of these beautiful pictures were taken by my husband, not me - so I will pass on the compliments!

    Should your brother venture this way ever, make sure he brings along weather proof clothing and walking boots. So many tourists and travellers that come from the US, Canada, NZ and Australia have roots in Scotand or Ireland, so I guess I am not surprised to learn that your heritage is Scottish. Kind regards.

    Thank you Eve.
    Glad you enjoyed seeing the moving automata clip. Teh first time I saw somethign liek this was i a little town in Wales. In the square was a clock and when it struck the hour, it would open and do its magical almost gothic thing. Fascinating.

    Thank you so much Angel.
    So delighted to read your comments :)

    Thanks Wendy.
    That picture is my husbands favourite too! The views of the mountains were certainly breathless, just wish the weather was a little kinder so that we could have explored them a little more. Or stopped to admire them a little longer. Cie la vie!

  7. Great catching up on all of last week's travels and once again seeing your wonderful pictures. You always make me wish I was back living around that neck of the woods (not that Ireland is exactly that are but you know what I mean)!

  8. Thanks Christine.

    Have a lovely week. Is the sun shining where you are? Its raining here - typically!

  9. So sorry the weather wasn't great when you were in Nairn. Check out some more Nairn photos and keep an eye on the web cam here - Great we got listed in the top-ten of Trip Advisor's up-and-coming destinations.

  10. Another part of Scotland to add to the list, thanks for the photos.Planning a week in Scotland at the end of August, just deciding which part to explore


  11. i think you will find that the castle is in fact Blair Atholl Castle which is in the same area as your next picture of Killiecrankie.

  12. Thanks Iain.

    Weather is poor pretty much all over Scotland at the moment.

    Thanks for the link, I am sure when I get hits on this blog entry, readers interested will link to it!

    Jane aka Chicken Lover.
    Its worth deciding which part to explore, Scotland has many pretty spots.

    Genuine mistake. My husband did me this. Corrected now.


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