Saturday, 24 July 2010

Mustard flavoured Baked Tofu Nuggets

Its was a rather frustrating start to the day. We decided to go to the farmers market this morning, that part was fine. I picked up some potatoes, kale and tomatoes, even a couple of second hand cookbooks at Voltaires. No, the frustration started to kick in when we decided instead of rushing back home, we'd wander the West End further and treat ourselves to a veggie breakfast, after all eating out: breakfast, lunch or evening meal is not something we do that often, so it was going to be a Treat!

But the one thing we forgot about the West End is it has a high turnover of restaurants, cafes, shops and so on. You will find an eatery you like, you go back in six months time, chances are it won't be there, and that was the case. The place we went to with family and friends no longer exists, so it was search for another place that offered a Vegetarian Breakfast. A Vegetarian Breakfast should consist of, but not always: toast or potato scones; hash browns, beans, eggs, tomatoes and vegetarian sausages; and if your eating at a proper Vegetarian eatery, your plate may also be graced by a 'vegetarian black pudding' with a serving of orange juice. A good plate of vegetarian breakfast costs around: £6.00, no more. Well the first place we found wanted to charge £10.00 namely because of its location, more than we were willing to pay. The second place wasn't so much the price, it was the snooty attitude of the woman who wanted to seat us by the door. Neither of us wanted to sit so close to the door as the smokers who since the smoking legislation came in, now smoked literally outside the door, so every time the door opened, the 'cigarette smoke' would sweep in. So we asked to be moved. Well her attitude was stinking, we actually got up and left. After that it was downhill. All the other menus we peeked at did not offer the kind of vegetarian breakfast we were after, it was just toast, beans, eggs and toast. In which case my attitude was lets just go home and eat this. Well after all our searching, I ended up having a toasted bagel with cream cheese and D two egg rolls.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, I think 'eating out' is still not easy in Glasgow. Oh I'm not saying, you'll starve. There is plenty of food to eat, of course, but if your looking for 'creative vegetable based dishes', its rather limited. There are a handful of Vegetarian and vegan places to eat namely in the city centre, but we don't venture to these places that often. Namely for two reasons: some of these places have become synonymous with a certain kind crowd. I've always refused to be put in a box as in 'labels', or follow whatever the fashion trend was happening. Unfortunately in some cases, these places are not about the quality of the food, but the vibe. The other reason, whether its vegetarian or non -vegetarian cafe or restaurants, we just don't eat out much. Simply because we have always been and continue to be people who live within our means and are always watching our budget, and a number of these places are not what we would consider to be 'reasonably priced' especially for what they offer. Call me tight, but I am doing whats right for us and our pockets, realistically.
Anyway enough of my rant (Thank you for reading), when we got back home, still feeling a little nibbly, I made some baked Tofu nuggests served with a handful of green beans picked from the garden. The tofu nuggets were light. Even D, whose not a tofu fan, enjoyed them. The only thing I'd do differently would be to leave the tofu pieces in the mixture overnight so that the mustardy flavours can infuse further.
Baked Tofu Nuggets
Serves 2
250g firm or extra-firm tofu, pressed
150ml soy milk
1 - 2 tbsp mustard
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp dried chervil (optional)
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional)
Dried bread crumbs for coating
Whisk together the soy milk, mustard, nutritional yeast and spices until smooth in a wide bowl. Place bread crumbs in a separate bowl.
Coat each piece of tofu with soy milk and mustard mixture first, then coat with bread crumbs.
Place tofu pieces on a greased baking sheets and bake at Gas Mark 7 for 25 minutes, turning once until golden brown. Or fry in oil until golden brown and serve. Adapted from this recipe.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with breakfast. I just got back from vacationing a rural Kentucky and Virginia and had similar issue being vegan. Oh well. The tofu nuggets look like a great way to brighten your afternoon! Fantastic! :)

  2. Thank you Vic of Haymarket8.
    Yes, I've just been reading about some of your escapades with Ashley. Sorry that some of the eating expereinces have not been good, but on the plus side some of them have been good!

  3. I don't have this problem for breakfast, as I basically eat only Italian breakfast, which is....(according to Anglos) nothing! Just caffellatte, and maybe a biscuit.

    But I do understand your comment, after all I do eat lunch and there are many places where vegetarian lunch is (when you find it) pretty ... yes, lets say it, boring! And dinner is worse: expensive and boring! hahahaha!

    Love the nuggets :-)

  4. I so agree with everything in this post! We don't eat out much where I live because of money and the fact that we have no completely vegetarian cafes. And non-veg places kind of make you feel like you should be grateful that they even put a veg option on the menu....even when it's something like a cheese sandwich or a side of beans....sigh. So frustrating.
    This recipe looks amazing too. I'll be trying it out. :)

  5. That would be very frustrating! We don't eat out much either - partly to be kind to our wallets but more so because I almost always find it disappointing. It might sound arrogant but I can usually do better at home. Unless it is a very nice restaurant, in which case the budget becomes an issue.

    Your tofu bites look very interesting! I've never tried breading them. I like tofu a lot but haven't been eating as much of it due to the estrogen mimickers and association with hormone-related issues/cancers. So I eat it, but less frequently. These little bites just might be on the menu soon!

  6. Sounds like a tough time. I live in the heart of beef and lamb country in Australia so eating out is almost impossible. I am definitely making your mustard tofu nuggets, I love that I already have most of the ingredients and don't have to go shopping!

  7. Alessandra.
    To be honest, for breakfast I do often have a black coffee and then move swiftly to lunch. But as it was the weekend and we were in the West End, it became more Brunch.

    Its a shame to read that in your part of the world that you too still experience limited and boring options. At least your a fab and creative cook.

    PS Its been interesting for me to read about
    your travels recently and what you got to eat!

    Thank you Mama.
    Sorry to read that you don't even have the option of accessing a vegetarian or vegan friendly eatery. That would not have been an issue if the mainstream ones catered 'understandably' to people with different diets. I hate it when the token dish on offering are either risotto or lasagne - these are often gluey and too cheesy! I agree So frustrating.

  8. Thanks RuckusButt.
    You share the same reasons as me for not eating out. I don't think it sounds arrogant, but your right I sure you can do better at home and I think that is the same thought running through Ds head and mine if I admit at time. Unless of course as you say its a very nice restaurant, in which case the budget becomes an issue or one of those times when you ant to treat family or friends.

    We don't eat tofu much, Ds not a fan of it. I would certainy recommend these though!

    Thank T_Y.
    Its not that tought really, just a nuisance. It sounds more like you have a tough time finding food to suit your dietary needs.

    I hope you enjoy the mustard tofu nuggets. They were really good and i would def. make them again!

  9. Mmmmmmm, those look good. Another recipe to add to my wee collection. I will do what you say and leave them overnight.

    It is so disaapointing when you decide to eat out and it becomes a frustrating wander from place to place looking at menus. This happens to us nearly ever time we decide on the spur of the moment to eat out, which we don't do often either. At least you have a variety of vegan/veggie eateries in Glasgow. There isn't a single one in Dundee, which for the size of the place is pretty shocking. *humph*

  10. I love a cooked breakfast, so finding a good vegetarian breakfast is one of my obsessions when travelling (at least, within the UK). I have regular haunts nearer to home :)

    Your nuggets look yummy, I haven't tried tofu with mustard.

  11. Thankfully I don't have a lot of problems finding a vegetarian brunch, but I do share in your experience of finding restaurants that are more concerned about the atmosphere and the crowd than the food. It's nice to be able to go out from time to time, but it's also nice to know you can cook a good meal at home.

    As for the veg black pudding? I had no idea how this would be done. I looked it up and one of the first results was your post from January. Interesting!

  12. I love the look of these tofu nuggets. I can picture them topping a salad, or just by themselves with some nutty brown rice.

  13. Thanks Jacqueline.
    I think you'll like them. I will certainly be making them again when my nephews come up.

    Thanks for understanding and sharing my disappointment re: the search for a veggie breadfast. Its not a pleasant feeling is it, and I reemmber why it is we don't eat out often.

    Your right at least there is some choice in the city of Glasgow. Shame about Dundee, I was going to ask you if there was a vegetarian or vegan place you could recommend in Dundee, for whenever I visit. Whenever that happens, please be assured I'll let you know :D

    Thanks Rachel. Lovely to hear from you. I have been reading your blog, just not commenting much. Congratualtions on your Mama graduating with a First Class degree. You certainly are a proud daughter.

    Oh Jessica how I envy you.
    I do like to cook at home, but not all of my family and friends appreciate what I cook (different dietary needs and tastes), so that is when the search for eating becomes an issue to cater to all diets and tastes.

    Surprised to learn that my post was one of the first to come up re: vegetarian black pudding. Interesting for sure.

    Thank you Mother Rimmy.
    I think they'd be good with some nutty brown rice.

  14. Those tofu nuggets look divine! And so easy to make, too. I will definitely be bookmarking the recipe for the future.

    I had the opportunity once to eat a vegetarian brunch, UK-style with the beans and tomatoes, in London. And then when my sister-in-law got married in Ireland I made veggie brunch for the family one morning in the cottage we were staying in - that one even had potato scones. Yum!

    Here in California vegetarian brunch consists of a different meal, but it's an equally absorbing quest. I guess it's actually vegan brunch that we seek out here because every place usually has tons of vegetarian options. But finding vegan brunch with no eggs is always exciting. Traditional California vegan brunch is usually: tofu scramble (there are a variety of flavors for this one, from Mexican with avocado to a simple mix of mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions), hash brown potatoes made without butter, and dry (aka unbuttered) sourdough toast, perhaps with jam. A lot of places have started offering vegan pancakes now as well! My favorite vegan brunch, however, is the vegan French toast I make at home. :)

  15. And there was me naively thinking, you'd managed to get a plate of baked tofu for breakfast. I understand your frustration completely, I think it's still rare for places to cater properly for vegetarians. Andy why should eating out be prohibitively expensive - good food doesn't need to cost a lot. In Plymouth (our local City) there was one really good and cheap veggie eatery at the Art Centre which was there for over 30 years and had a huge following especially at lunch time. Sadly the woman running it retired a year or so ago and it's gone all upmarket and expensive. But the food is no better and they also serve meat now so less choice for us.

  16. Thank you so much Scrumptious.
    I think the fact you could bake them appealed to me too, as much as I like deep fried food, there are days when I'd rahter not be dishing out food from hot oil. Please do try them out, they are lovely.

    So you have an idea of a idea of what a Vegetarian Breakfast Fry-Up consists of :D Potato scones fresh are a marvel!

    I am actally really surprised to learn that searching for a vegan brunch in California is tough. I thought if anywhere in the world, California with its wider diversity would be progressive in this field at least. I am surprised, really!

    You don't want to come here searching for a vegan brunch, most places haven't even heard of 'tofu scramble' and creating a vegan pancake would shock some institutions (pancakes without egg!).

    Thank you so much for sharing, it has been interesting for me to read of your experience too.

  17. :D Choclette.

    Your right many places certainly do not cater properly properly for vegetarians, imagine if you were vegan! Its like people who choose to follow these diets are not 'gourmands!' and we know that is certainly not the case.

    I don't understand why places have to be, as you've put it (rightly) 'prohibitively expensive'.

    I'm sorry to read about the Art Clentre eatery in Plymouth no longer of the calibre it once was. Shame the original cook/woman did not leave a prodige behind to keep the place 'honest'. its a shame the place had such a loyal following too, and now they are no longer there either.

  18. I love the sound of these nuggets - have some tofu in my fridge I was thinking of baking and this sounds like an excellent way to eat it. What sort of mustard did you use?

    Sorry to hear about your hunt for a decent vego brunch - we don't eat out much either so when we do we want a real treat - though I always feel that we eat much better at home than we could if we ate out more - as I think is the case with you based on what I see on this blog

  19. Thanks Johanna.
    I used the jarred French Dijon mustard for the nuggets.

    Yes, I agree we def. do eat much better at home, but sometimes like to treat ourselves, but are mostly disappointed.

    1. I was hoping if I scrolled down through all the comments someone might have asked what kind of mustard. Thanks Johanna. Yes...this is being made tonight but like you..a short marinade. Next time, will look on your blog earlier for inspiration. I almost always do Asian style but we need a change. Never thought of mustard.

    2. Thank you Bren, hope you enjoyed. Its beena long while since I've had tofu in anything. Must remedy that soon.

  20. deep fried tofu is tasty w/o any additions - serve sprinkled with salt and your choice of a dipping sauce. When eaten fresh from the stove, it tastes like french fries, only with a creamier interior. yum! [can also be refreshed the next day by baking, but exterior takes on a chewy texture]


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