Sunday, 4 July 2010

Frozen Berried Treasure cake

In the middle of the week, whilst D was checking out contents in the freezer he came across three tubs. One contained green and yellow beans, and the other two had frozen berries. One was a mix of blackcurrants and raspberries from the allotment, and the other blueberries, brambles and wild strawberries all harvested from the garden last year. This scuppered any ideas I may have had to go 'berry picking' this weekend, as I was given immediate instructions to use these first.
This photograph was actually taken last year around autumn time when the berries were fresh and gleaming. Unlike now, hard like acrylic imitation berry jewellery. Except for the wild strawberries that had turned to mush upon defrosting.

So what does one do with frozen berries?
Make frozen berried treasure cake, of course.

As you can see this small plateful of berries was not going to be enough for any recipe, not even the one I had seen recently in a magazine. So I included some of the other frozen berries found in the freezer, as well as a handful of wild strawberries from the garden that are still coming through fast.
This cake was good, the ground almond gave the sponge a more dense texture. It reminded me of the Almond and blackcurrant cake I made around this time last year with the blackcurrants. Anyway, if you have some frozen berries to use up and like the look of this recipe, it came from here. I actually think this cake tasted better the day after.


  1. That looks very delicious and I love the title.

  2. A delicious-looking cake! I adore the name you've given it as well haha. :)

  3. The mixed berry treasure cake looks good, how about a piece with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top??? It's berry season here right now and I really like the idea of this cake:)

  4. What a lucky find...currants and raspberries, blueberries and more...yummm. The cake looks lovely and that freezes well also, I expect))). My guess is, it went down the hatch with cups of tea.

  5. That's a perfect recipe to use up frozen berries, Mango. It's like finding a "treasure" when you unearth them in the freezer. I just started adding to the winter stash with some red and black raspberries. Yum. :)

  6. Thanks Kath.
    My husband laughs at my titles, but I amuse myself.

    Thank you Mo. You tell my husband its a fine name for a cake. That will hush him.

    Thanks Patty.
    A scoop of ice-cream would be good with it whilst its warm.

    Yes Bren.
    Have to use these up first before I'm allowed to bring any berries home - unles they from our own garden of course.
    I've never frozen cake, simply because its always goes! But I'm sure you can.

    Thanks Barbara.
    Your able to add to your winter stash. I've been given instructions to use it all up, before refilling. Our freezer is quite small, but its still a task to get to the bottom. Hence coming across the frozen berries.

  7. The only thing I've ever done with frozen berries is blend them up and make a smoothie. I never thought to make a cake. Great idea!

  8. Hi Jill,
    I have to admit I've never made a smoothie from frozen berries, so thats one for me to try too.

  9. i have a similar recipe and love berries!
    thank you for sharing and wish you a sweet day,

  10. Thanks Justyna.
    I bet your cake is just as delicious too.


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