Wednesday, 25 May 2016

St Ives and Mevagissey Museum

I continue sharing some more of photographs from my Cornish vacation early this month.
Today its all about St Ives and no, before you ask I did not sing to myself as 'I was going to St Ives, I met a man with seven wives...' Yes, I am thinking of you Johanna. 
Its mostly about the harbour.

And then meandering the cobbled streets.

I loved the way The Allotment Deli shop looked, I did go in for a wander but came out with nothing.  
But I did come out with lots from The Raw Chocolate Pie shop .   I mentioned in a post before that I have somewhat acquired a taste for raw chocolate, especially having made some a couple of years back (see here).  D had encouraged me to spoil myself, not that I need much encouraging but he tempted me with the 7bars offer, though I could have easily gone for the 12 bars offer too.  These are all mine - yum yum - to enjoy slowly.  See what bars I chose here. 
A week or so before we left Wales for Cornwall, I did tweet Cornwall Vegans to make some vegetarian eatery recommendations to me and thankfully many did.  One of the places on the list was Spinacio's,   Here read more about the man behind Spinacio.  Sadly though I was unable to eat there as it had closed its doors with a sign up for sale. I was really disappointed as I had not had the opportunity to eat out at any of the vegetarian places that had been recommended to me for a number of reasons, but one was they just happened to be closed when I turned up and second....we had to be mindful of my mother in law.
D wanted to go in, but was put off by the entrance fee, but we quickly forgot about Tate when we got to Mevagissey and  Mevagissey Museum was more my thing. 
We got to Mevagissey Museum. a little late, it was nearly five and they were closing, so it was a rushed visit which I regret.  It is run by volunteers and reliant on donations.  It was quaint and dark inside, so I did not to take any pictures although a few things did peak my interest: a Stargazy Pie anyone! (not a real one of coarse) and kitchenalia from days gone. 


  1. It's a long time since I visited St Ives, I'd love to go back - especially now they've got a raw chocolate shop - raw chocolate pies - they sound awesome!

    1. Thanks Vicky, I don't even want to open my little pies, they are to cute to eat - but I must!

  2. What beautiful photos. And how cool to see the home of that raw chocolate company - they have done well for themselves getting stocked in big London retailers from such a humble beginning!

    1. Thank you Kari, yes - one of the highlights for me for sure. I have to start eating those little cute pies, but they are too cute, like they are made for dolls to eat! And yes, the company has done fantastically well.


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