Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bristol VegFest 2016 Part 2

This is part two of my day yesterday in Bristol for the Veg Fest.  For part one click here..

Flavours of Africa
These look like tofu pieces, but they were actually Bean Cakes made from black eyed peas.
The Loving Hut
Sharaf Falafels offerings were really delicious, its been a while since I had a good falafel often tasting powdery, but these were fab.
Chai Walla not only selling chai, but onion bhaji's and samosa's too. 
Yellow Turban Thali
South Devon Chilli
And here are some spicy samples
Lots of coconut things
Loved this vegan three tier cake courtesy of Rosa Crespo Sergio of Fusion Cakes & Bakes.
And more
Lots of vegan cheese - first we have Bute Island Foods Sheese, which I have come to like over the years, especially the spreads.  I first disovered Bute Island Foods when I lived in Glasgow, and guess what for those of you who don't know, they are a Scottish company.  They were super generous in sharing their samples at VegFest.  Thank you, Bute Island Sheese, my niece and nephew were very happy and they are not even vegan or vegetarian.  
Good Karma Flavour Fusion in three flavours
Raw Food Rosie's - self proclaimed vegan cheese Queen. And I can see why.
A happy chappy - sorry can't remember the name of the stall
Secret Sausages - Vegetables in disguise. 
  Acorn from Bath. 
  And many others - feast your eyes. 

We are Koko Dairy Free consumers.  D prefers it on his cereal and my nephew, he bought 12 - I am glad he had to carry them.  
Coconut Collab

For Part 1 of my weekend at Bristol VegFest, CLICK HERE.
Also, here is my blog post from 2015 Bristol VegFest if you want to read it. 
The end.


  1. And the sun shone for Day 2!
    Lovely reading this and seeing the photos of such a great event. Definitely worth a visit!

  2. Looks far better than the London Vegfest last year, which was a huge disappointment :( x

    1. Lovely to hear from you Fran, hope your well.
      I went to the London one many years back, it was my first ever Vegfest t
      I loved it I discovered vegan 'prawns'.

  3. Wow, that looks like a great day (bet you were tired by the end of it!), my mouth is watering at the sight of all that food!

    1. Thank you Susie. I think everything was vegan - even though it was called Vegfest.Yes, I was really tired when I got home and slumped in front of the TV watching the movie Mitty


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