Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Amazing Fungi and Kale Covered Barley with Green Mushrooms

Some of you may remember that last Summer, I went to the National Botanic of Wales.  I promised to share some pictures from the Fungi Mushroom, but never did.  I had forgotten about it until recently when I made a recipe with mushrooms.  
So here goes.  Let me me warn you though there will be an intermission, interrupted with a mushroom recipe and then we continue onto some of  the Fungi Exhibits.
I absolutely loved the collection of hand stitched textile exhibits, all showcasing a mushroom and each one unique and carefully crafted. 
Blackening Waxcap

If you click on the image, you will see a number of others.  Each one different, exquisite and stunning in its own way. 
Fungi Saviour of the Planet- the Mycosphere!
Okay here comes the recipe: Kale Covered Barley with Green Mushrooms.  Some of you will know that barley is being used in place of rice in risotto style dishes.  The first time I ever came across Barley Risotto was in The Millennium Cookbook (1998) by Eric Tucker.  I've made Barlotto as it is pretentiously known a few times, but this is not a Barlotto.  
Its a simple recipe, I cooked the barley until it was tender, drained it and set it aside.  I sauteed one onion and a little garlic, until nicely soft then stirred in 100g chopped mushrooms. Once the mushrooms begun to soften, I stirred in the barley along with four tablespoons of cooked pureed kale and cooked for a few minutes. The mushrooms don't look so green in this photo, but I assure you the mushrooms had sponged up the kale colours. It wasn't the most satisfying meal I have ever had, but I sure felt healthy eating it. You could try enhancing it further with some feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and black olives. 

Back to the Amazing Fungi exhibits.
Fungus The Bogeyman by Raymond Briggs

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars
Eagle Comic Presents Judge Dredd
Psychedelic Magic Mushroom Band Albums - Groovy Baby!
If you enjoyed these, then you may also like the Plant Pharmacy Patchwork also seen at the Botanic Garden of Wales.  


  1. Barley is my new go to rice dish, Shaheen. I've been watching my cholesterol lately and barley is really good for absorbing that bad cholesterol and enhancing the good.

    I often mix barley with mushrooms but, I've never added whipped up kale. How intriguing!!!

    As for your mushroom exhibit, WOWZA!!! These are amazing pictures and filled with a wealth of knowledge. I don't live far from the largest mushroom producing area in the US and intened on one day making the Mushroom Festival in September. Perhaps this year for Mushroom Month in September, lol...

    Thanks for sharing this terrific recipe idea Shaheen. It's a keeper!!!

    1. Thanks Louise. I should eat it more, we do like it.
      I do hope you make it to the Mushroom Festival this year, I'd love to see pics! An incentive indeed.

  2. I love the funghi artwork, especially the textiles, and your recipe is very nice too.

    1. Thanks VegHog. Yes, the funghi exhibition was pretty cool.

  3. Wow that exhibition looks so much fun - I can't say I am a huge mushroom fan but now that I see this I remember I meant to use up some mushrooms in a stew tonight - d'oh! I love your idea of adding kale puree to the barley.

    1. It certainly was Johanna. Good for big and little kids indeed. I'm not a huge fan of mushrooms either, but I will eat them now and again, esp. if on my breakfast plate. I do think mushrooms are best mixed up with other veg like your stew!

  4. This recipe looks amazing and healthy, green colour of kale is so nice.

    1. Thank you, it was an interesting dish - not my fave though.


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