Monday, 2 February 2015

Feel Good Vegetable Palette Round Up #7

Welcome to January 2015 Round up of 'The Vegetable Palette: natures colours - natures goodness''.  
The theme for January was Feel Good Vegetables.   
The fist entry comes Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary.  Elizabeth presents to us a simple and stunning red bowl of Slow roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup.  I really have no words to add, other than this is deep, gorgeous and delightful.  Someone, please pass me over a spoon.  
Then we have a Spicy Root Soup from Linzi who blogs at Lancashire Food.  This warming glowing bowl of goodness is made from carrots, swede, parsnips, potatoes and lots of warm spices like ginger, cumin and chilli flakes.  This is a proper winter soup made with seasonal vegetables and store-cupboard spices.   
Janet from the Taste Space brings to the table a Jamaican Jerk Plantain Soup .  Just looking at the colours from the red peppers, yellow plantains, and green spring onions makes me feel happy and all warm inside. I can only imagine how good this tastes with all those spices like allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and thyme.  And that's not it, the vegetables are swimming in a fragrant coconut broth...mmmm. 
Linsy Patel from Home Cooked Food delights us with Vegetarian Kashmiri Rogan Josh.  This Kashmiri Rogan Josh is made with soy chunks, aubergine and lots of Kashmiri spices.  Its thickened with yogurt.  The colour is just warming.  Linsy served it with Chana Dal Pilav.
Next we have the lovely Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes with a vibrant Orange, Carrot and Goats Cheese Salad with Pumpkin Seeds.  Wow, just look at the colours on that plate, bright and in your face, just looking at it I feel virtuous.  Orange comes from not just carrots, but also navel oranges, then topped with goat cheese balls and added crunch from the pumpkin seeds.   
Next we have is Nasifriet from the blog 'By the Way...' with Makizishi Meal Kit a Volente.  This is what I love about blogging, you meet new bloggers and I so welcome Nasifriet to the Vegetable Palette Challenge.  I need to invite Nasifriet to my home as D my husband has been nagging me for vegetable sushi for a while and these light morsels would satisfy him surely.  She also has a recipe where sushi is stuffed into a Tofu Pocket, you have to go on over and have a look please.  
Helen at Family-Friends-Food shares with us an unfussy, quick and comforting plate of Spaghetti with Herby Leeks and Cheesy Crumbs.  Helen writes that 'the leeks lend a sweet oniony flavour to counter the savoury richness of the cheese, and the breadcrumbs soak up the butter and oil to become tiny nuggets of chewy, golden deliciousness' - now that sounds yummy.  What I like about this recipe too is the use of the under-rated leeks, the Welsh in my must promote this vegetable much more.  
Anne from Anne's Kitchen shares with us a comfort dish Sweet Potato and Mozzarella Bake. A generous helping of this would be most welcome for sure.  I think I may just be tempted to make this.  Not only does it look good, but the fact is that I have most of the ingredients at home  (except for the mozzarella cheese).  This bake looks really wholesome and hearty and with its colours -  orange and purple, well these can only make your feel hip. 
And finally, from Vanesther at Bangers and Mash we have a unusual, yet still very delicious snack - Kale and Cauliflower Samosas .  If I had thought about it, my blog would probably had been called The Adventures of Samosa Girl, as I really really like them, but I was never that sassy or forward thinking at that time.  Anyway, back to these awesome Indian style hand pastry pies made with seasonal vegetables and spices - love it and a clever way to get little ones to eat more vegetables. 

I would like to thank everyone for their contributions.  If you would like to participate in the Vegetable Palette, then please follow this link on how to participate.  The theme for February is Love Vegetables.  Please share vegetables that you LOVE and ENJOY eating!


  1. Some yummy entries here... I guess my feelgood veg would be sweet potatoes, kale and tomatoes paired with a whole grain, for their serotonin. Now that I seem to be back into the swing of blogging a bit more, I'll try and contribute to Love Veg. but it will be hard to narrow it down; there are so many yummy veggies... ;)

    1. Thank you Sarojini. I have some sweet potatoes in my fridge and am hoping to actually make Annes Sweet Potato Bake, or inspired by it at least. I hope you can participate, be lovely to get your entries too.

  2. Oh bother. This all looks so good, but I forgot to add my carrot and lentil soup! I'm on a fast day and these recipes are making me feel rather week at the knees.

    1. Its okay, I've not been very organised in sharing recipes with WSC either, but hope you can participate this month maybe. Warm wishes.

  3. Cute theme for February. Will definitely try to participate again. Thank you for the wonderful round-up, Shaheen.


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