Sunday, 22 February 2015

Green Valley Elvis Smoothie

This Green Valley Elvis Smoothie is so called because it contains two ingredients alleged to be enjoyed by the King of Rock'n'Roll, the one and only Elvis Presley - peanut butter and bananas. 

As smoothies with green leafy vegetables seems to be the rage, I decided to throw in a handful of curly kale from my garden.
The Green Valley Elvis Smoothie is super smooth.  The curly kale not only gives colour and body to this smoothie, it also impart some of its flavour but this is well balanced by the banana, 'milk' and further enhanced by the sweetener, this time coming from the peanut butter, but you could easily substitute this with maple syrup or honey. I wouldn't describe this Green Smoothie as delicious at all, but it filled a hole in my belly and actually tasted good.  I would be more than happy to make it again.  I even gave D a glass and he was quite happy to drink it too, but he wasn't that impressed by the name I gave it, suggesting maybe calling it #Green Green Grass Of Home', but I am not budging. 
By they way did you know that there has been some speculation that Elvis ancestral roots may be of Welsh origin, such as Elvis Presley's ancestors coming from the Preseli Hills and Mountains in Pembrokeshire, Wales and having links with a nearby parish called St Elvis.  Well whatever the truth, this man is a world wide true legend. 

Green Valley Elvis
One large milkshake glass or 2 medium glasses
1 ripe banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter
200ml non-dairy milk or dairy milk
2 handfuls of curly kale
In a food processor (I used my Optimum 9400 Froothie) and blitz till smooth, adjust sweetener to taste, blitz again and serve immediately.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links with Froothie UK. 

Here are a couple of my own Elvis inspired recipes from the archives. 
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  1. If you want my honest opinion, that sounds repellent! It might have been OK until you put the kale in - you are evidently going along too much with the current obsession with kale. :)

    1. Mark I wasn't sure about it at first, but give it a go before judging it, you just never know - you may not mind it

  2. That smoothie does look delicious to me! I remember the Elvis bagel. will look up that Graceland cake too...

  3. Sounds like a delicious smoothie, Shaheen!
    I have also made this type of smoothie with Dinosaur Kale (may be the same as Curly Kale) and other greens and some ginger.

    1. Dinosaur kale is different to curly kale in texture and colour, but lovely none the less. I will have to try it with ginger

  4. We've fallen for green smoothies in the past six months or so. In fact, I just posted about it last week I think! Peanut butter is a magical component! Yum. I like your theme here.

  5. Will definitely try this one!

  6. you are building up a little collection of elvis recipes - love the smoothie - tried some kale in a smoothie a few weeks back and it worked well but I didn't get the lovely green that you have in your smoothie but am slowly getting there

    1. I know, influenced mostly by D and his collection of Elvis Albums.


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