Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Vegetarian Soup…or maybe not

Yeah some of you may laugh, others will be a bit more understanding.

I do not often visit the works canteen as it is not always vegetarian friendly, usually chips, pizza and quiche. But the one thing I will get now and again as a quick filler is a buttered bread roll and vegetarian soup. They always do two types of soup: one is always vegetarian, the other is not. The vegetarian soups are never that exciting, it either tomato, carrot and lentil or vegetable with barley. But they are always made from scratch with fresh ingredients, which I think can only be a good thing

Today, as I had not prepared my lunch for work, I was reliant on canteen grub. Well I sat down with bread roll in hand, and took a mouthful of carrots and barley. Very strong, I thought to myself, although it looks vegetarian, it tastes almost meaty. I took another mouthful, and then a texture, what I wished was just a chewy barley grain, but in my head was certain it was a piece of meat. Surely not. I got the spoon and twirled it in the thick soup, and found another sinew of fleshy animal substance. Now I was convinced that I picked up the wrong soup. I walked back over to the canteen and told them I had poured in the wrong soup into my bowl, and could I exchange it for the Vegetarian one (as I had paid for it). The woman behind the counter, always pleased to help me, told me that she thought today both soups contained meat. She said someone had made a mistake today and put meat in both soups. She apologised profusely. I was too hungry to be mift. Unfortunately, as a vegetarian you have to expect these kinds of things.

Anyhow, the chef being the scenes replaced the meat flavoured vegetable soup with what they guaranteed was a vegetarian soup.

Err the taste is still lingering in my mouth.

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