Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fairtrade Brownies

As you know this week marks the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight 23 February to 8th March 2009.

I used to work in the Scottish heritage and environmental sector and was aware that Paisley, Bishopton and Lochwinnoch had Fairtrade town and village status, but only recently learned that last year Renfrewshire had been officially named as Scotland’s newest Fairtrade Zone following a hugely successful campaign by Renfrewshire Council, local voluntary organisations, schools, churches and businesses. Change comes from a mobilised grassroots. The impact ordinary people can make is huge. This is the link to the other places in Scotland that now have fairtrade status

I often get to visit some of these places, especially when I have family up from England and Wales. This gives me an opportunity to visit some of these fair-trade shops.

Throughout the year like many I play my small part in supporting Fairtrade initiatives. I like many buy fair-trade bananas from the local supermarket. I will visit the One World Shop which opened in 2002 in Glasgows West End and buy fair-trade Palestine olive oil (so delicious dipped with crusty bread or dribbled over some salad leaves), dried mango and papaya pieces; and from Oxfam I will get my large tub of cafedirect coffee, cocoa powder for baking, chocolate bars, as well as some Traidcraft products.
Anyway, these homemade brownies are made from the fair-trade chocolate above.

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