Sunday, 22 February 2009

No Purple sprouting broccoli

This was our first proper working day at the allotment. The good weather also brought out a lot of the other plot holders, all digging over their plots.
This sunflower plant that grew over 10 foot, was finally pulled out. I dug over some more of the plots, mainly the brassica plot. My PSB did not do too well, I am so disappointed. It had become a favourite vegetable of mine. I am not too sure what went wrong. They grew, but did not sprout. I planted out some Stutgarter onion seeds and in pots Aquadulce broad beans. D dug out the old soil from both the greenhouse and the carrot box, later replenishing these with fresh compost.
I harvested some more Jerusalem artichokes and my very own winter salad, one of the benefits of having a greenhouse. The salad leaves smell fantastic, very peppery.

Progress: My daffodil seedlings seem to be doing very well. They will soon be in bloom - hopefully in time for this welsh girl in Scotland to celebrate St Davids Day.

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