Thursday, 5 February 2009

mighty green nugget

Otherwise known as Brussels sprouts

Although one of my vegetable plots was pretty much dedicated to Brussels sprouts, I must confess that I really do not like them, and only grew them for D.

Every year, on my Christmas dinner plate or Veggie Roast Dinner plate, I always stipulate to D that I only be served 6 sprouts, which I then proceed to cover with veggie gravy and eat slowly with great difficulty. But I have not given up on the small green nugget with the mighty flavour.

One of the benefits I have discovered about being able to cook is that you can be creative and I have learned that there are now three ways, that I can tolerate the taste of Brussels sprouts. These are to turn it into a soup, nothing special there I know. Turn the sprouts into little veggie pies or roasted in the oven with a bit of olive oil and sea salt. The sprouts flavour is completely transformed into something rather tasty, and dare I say it - gorgeous. Not at all the flavour you associate with cabbage or baby cabbages in this instance.


  1. Here I am working through your archives as promised! :)

    I confess I do not like brussels sprouts either, even though I really like most cabbage! I think it has something to do with the way my mother prepared them: overcooked, bitter, mushy. Since adulthood I've semi-enjoyed them sauteed with a little garlic and butter, but the subconscious reaction is still "Yech." I'd like to get over that and enjoy them, much like I rediscovered asparagus (which suffered from the same ill effects of my mother's cooking).

  2. Hello B T,

    Fancy finding you in my archives. Sometimes its good to go back and revisit what you've written, it can either make you smile or cringe. I am not too sure what I am feeling right now.

    Funny you associate your dislike for sprouts being down to your mothers cooking, it's something my mother never really cooked, my dislike I think is influenced more from school dinners where the distinct smell would waft into the playground.

    Brussels sprouts sauteed in garlic sounds really nice. I must try that at some point.


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