Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Dietary needs

I was in Leith, Edinburgh all day today for a meeting. A complimentary light buffet was laid on for the small group including myself. Hey, as long as its vegetarian or vegan - I will eat anything. Anyway, alongside the usual meat and vegetarian sandwiches, which I must add were mixed in with the tuna sandwiches - deemed by the caterers as vegetarian! There was also vegan and gluten free options.

At this meeting there were also three women from religious backgrounds. The two Muslim women, although meat eaters were quite content with the vegetarian option, not insisting on halal food, but the Jewish woman was extremely unhappy, stating that the voluntary organisation should have ordered in a kosher lunch especially for her, as the kitchen in this building was not kosher, therefore she could not consume anything it had made.

I had a banana in my handbag, which I offered to her. She declined my offering thanking me and adding Bananas are kosher. Obviously I knew that, I would not have offered it to her otherwise, but I think she was trying to make a point.

After the meeting, on my way to Edinburgh Waverley train station, I did manage to briefly stop at Valvona & Crolla and sample some good bread dipped in balsamic vinegar; and Real foods: A Vegetarian wholestore, where I picked up a few ingredients: lexia raisins, wild rice and spelt. You will have to wait and see what I do with them.

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