Thursday, 26 February 2009

Back to seeds

About three years ago, I planted some Victoria Rhubarb seeds, only one germinated. That lonesome Rhubarb plant is now starting to emerge from the soil in all its pink glory tinged a little in lime green. I have an old bin that was collecting rainwater, but I have decided that I am now going to put over it in anticipation of forced rhubarb. I have never done this before, so will be a good experiment for me.

The more organised of my fellow allotmenteers already have garlic shoots emerging from the ground, and have their potato seeds in egg trays chitting away in their dark sheds. Other than planting my 100 stutgart onion seeds early this week, I am still looking over what I had left over from last years stash of seed packets and getting my head round Crop rotation. Anyway here is my list of what I already have.

Cabbage: Greyhound; Marner Early Red; Vertus
Broccoli: Calabrese F1 Arcadia; Purple Sprouting Early
Cauliflower: Snowball A
Kale: (Borecole) Dwarf Green Curled
Brussels Sprouts: Bedford Fillbasket; F1 Silverline
Sweet Lightning Pumpkin
Courgette: Albarello di Sarzana
Peas: Cavalier; Ambassador
Runner Beans: Hestia; Scarlet Runner
Climbing French Beans: Neckar Gold; Blue Lake; Blauhilde
Broad Beans: Super Aquadulce
Parsnips: White Gem
Carrots: Kuttiger; Autumn King; Baby; Chatenay
Fennel: Finale
Spring Onions: Red Beard
Lettuce: Lollo Ross; Red Salad Bowl;
Salad Mix: Oriental Mix; Spicy Mix,

Strawberry Spinach
Good King Henry
Lovage; Dill; Garlic; Chives
Basil: Lemon; Dark Opal
Sunflower: Russian Mammoth; Autumn Beauty
Nastitium: Tall Mixed; Peach Melba

I have loads of Gardeners Delight TOMATO seeds, as well as Tigerella and Gartenperle.

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