Wednesday, 18 February 2009

suitable for vegetarians

Some of you know about my non-vegetarian experience yesterday. What I thought was a bowl of vegetarian soup from the Canteen happened to contain bits of ham I think. As a vegetarian this experience for me was not new, and I probably would have let it go, but now a little bit older and more confident in my skin I felt I had to do something, and raise further awareness. For example, what if it had been someone who had religious obligations, Hindus cannot eat beef and Muslims do not eat pork and only eat halal meat by products and Jewish people donot consume pork. So the consequences could have been much worse than my laid back approach. So this morning I decided to write them a letter of concern.

Later in the afternoon, the Manager came and met with me in person and apologised profusely. She agreed that they will now begin to label the soups as suitable for vegetarians and not suitable for vegetarians. She also told me that noone had notified her of my alarming experience yesterday, so I was even more glad that I had written the letter.

Small steps that can benefit others in the workplace.


  1. Well done! I think it's important to stand up for one's right. If no-one ever complains, nothing will ever change!

  2. Thank you Maninas.
    That is my belief too, if noone begins the ball rolling, nothing happens.


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