Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowballs, snow flakes and a surprise

The snowfall although beautiful to watch when your in the warmth of your home, or if your a child, but it is not so fairytale like when you have to drive or walk to and from work in it. Chilly.

Anyway, I am so pleased that I went over the allotment yesterday and got some good work done. Here are a couple of photos from the plot yesterday and a surprise for you. Keep reading.
My daffodil seedlings coming up. Oh I wish I had planted some at home.
Last of the dwarf curly kale -now all gone.
Great colour! Winter roast vegetables: parsnips, swede, carrots, potatoes, leeks and garlic. This was simple and really good.
I have so much winter harvest at home: parsnip, beetroot, jerusalem artichokes, kale and leeks that I seriously have to think how to cook them creatively, especially the million of sprouts. Otherwise they will just go limp and long for the compost bin, and I cannot have that. What kind of grower would I be?
Okay the surprise - yesterday I forgot to upload this film D made of my allotment plot, so here it is. It took ages, ages, ages to download (over an hour!). So please sit back and enjoy!

It has changed a bit since filming, the netting is all gone and those plots have been dug over by yours truly.


  1. My heart breaks for you and D, so much work gone to waste.
    Your theory about 'them' waiting for developers to buy up the plots is probably correct, so they don't want too many others involved. They could be waiting longer than they expect with the current recession going on.
    The tools are a collection you build up over years and to lose them in one wanton act of vandalism is hard to accept.
    You will have to move on and I htink you have the right frame of mind.Take care

  2. Oh my - how beautiful with paths, greenhouses, sheds and a lovely little 'cottage'.

    What a dreadful dreadful disaster - no wonder you are so devastated I would be too -and traumatised. My heart goes out to you at the loss


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