Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Red Lentil Pasta and Edible Crystals In My Kitchen

I have quite a lot of new ingredients in my kitchen.  

Some that I have had before and some that I have never had before, but its all good.   
I kick off with Organic Coconut Sugar that I have used in the past for a vegan Vanilla-Coconut Creme Brulee.  I guess I could also use it in my Coconut Bliss Balls too, but at the time I did not have it.  I also have some Polenta.  I do like polenta and often use it in my take on Mexican Tamale Pie - except the Mexican girl I met in Wales, she had never come across a Tamale pie before, but gave mine the thumbs up. I have a number of new recipes to try out with it.  
I am looking forward to trying these Red Lentil Fusilli pasta.  I want to do more with it than make a bog standard cold pasta salad lunch - so any suggestions are welcome.

I have been looking out for Marigold Liquid aminos, so many vegan recipes these days call for it, so I am pleased that I now have it to hand
Those of you who know me well and read my blog regular, will know that I love Kettle chips - I could eat a whole bag in one sitting.  Well, Kettle chips has competition.  I have now fallen for Ten Acre crisps - my favourite had to be Chicken Soup Saved The Day, which is 100% vegan by the way, but this The Story of When The Cheese Met The Onion, ain't that bad either, and its vegan too.  
As a true Chilli Spice Girl, I love chilli.  My favourite chilli enhanced chocolate has to be Dr Burnorioums Psycho chocolate.  It is well balanced, so I am looking forward to seeing how Montezua's compared.  I have had Ombar chocolates before and don't mind them now and again. 
I have heard loads about these vegan nougatine called Vegoline.  I had one and must say, it melted in the mouth beautifully.
I have two jars of Meridian nut butters, I have to start going though my kitchen cupboards and start using what I have there. These won't be going on toast let me tell you, a bagel maybe...
Finally, the Dr Oetker Violet Edible crystals.  I picked up a few of these last year when they were on offer.  Other than making a  vegan Violet, Lavender - Chocolate Cake last year, I haven't done much else with them, so a few days back 
I decided to make some Coconut Bars and cover them in edible violet crystals.  They not only looked impressive, but were most welcome and made a change from usual sweet things.

As Maureen of The Orgasmic Chef the host for In My Kitchen is taking a much needed rest Francesca has been kind to compile an informal list of the contributors on her blog, so I hope you will go on over and have a nosy and see what is going on in her kitchen too.  


  1. Red Lentil Fusilli - what a treasure. I definitely am on the look out for that, as well as those sweet violet crystals. Thanks Shaheen.

  2. And what a great weights chart you have on your tool bar.

  3. Those violet crystals have me intrigued. I love the look of the red lentil pasta too, and really like the Montezuma's chocolate range.

    1. The Montezuma's range is new to me, don't recall having had them before so I am intrigues a little - but I am not a huge chocolate fan, the husband is though.

  4. I know where you're coming from with the Ten Acre thing - I think they're rather lovely. And I've been trying to find some of those vegolino after hearing lots of people rave about them - I love their Vego chocolate, and if it's anything like as good as that, they'll be delicious!

    1. I want a whole box of Ten Acre crisps! Nom nom. The only thing about the Vego choc. they are not the most affordable, so its def. a treat and to be enjoyed slowly.

  5. I have tried something similar to the red lentil noodles and enjoyed with pesto sauce actually. It was quite good (and pretty!).
    I have been enjoying coconut aminos for awhile since I don't tolerate soy well. I haven't seen marigold aminos yet.
    Oh I love kettle chips. My favourite is dill pickle right now (after *finally* finding a vegan one). The flavours you mentioned sound interesting ;p
    I need to track down some purple salt!!! So pretty!

    1. Dill pickle kettle crisp must look out for them.

  6. WOW! Lots of amazing goodies this month for IMK Shaheen. I love coconut sugar, it has to be my favourite, I just wish it would come down in price. Love the sound of the red lentil fusilli, I've never seen anything like it here in Melbourne but love to hear what you use them in :)


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