Saturday, 13 June 2015

Swansea VegFest

This time last week I had come back from Swansea Veg Mini-Fest.  
We were there quite early, but it was a good sign as people were beginning to gather. 

Swansea VegFest 2015 was held at the Swansea Environment Centre.  Once the doors were open, we could set our eyes upon the vegetarian and vegan sweet and savoury eats and treats. Dotted around were lots of information on cruelty free lifestyle and for those who wanted to learn more there were talks in the Centre's Garden.    
As is the case at these food festivals, taking pictures is always difficult even for one that comprised of maybe dozen stalls.  So here are some of the stalls that I was able to capture. First up we have Fancy That Bakery - 100% Vegan.  I picked up a slab of gorgeous Raspberry Bakewell. If you look closer at the picture, you will see Karen the young lady who runs Fancy That Bakery had strained her wrist, but here offerings were delightful.  
Next we have some vegan chocolate showcased by this lovely chap on behalf of Health and Herbs.  Health and Herbs were awesome in sharing a very generous selection of vegan goodies for us to try - free.  
The Health and Herbs stall was mobbed and I couldn't get to any of the free tasters, so this lovely chap was really kind to bring it to those of us who were struggling - thank you very much.   
Next we had Govinda's Vegetarian Cafe.  I think this was the only stall that was selling hot food - but it was too early to eat, but we took a leaflet and decided if we were still in Swansea around 1pm, we would go to the Cafe and eat there. 
I did pick up a jar of Red Pepper Pate and some fudge from Govinda's stall. 
As you can see lots of vegan edibles to take home, from vegan pies to raw vegan cheesecakes and bliss balls There were a couple of stalls selling cruelty free beauty products such as Heavenly Organics Skin and Bohemian Chic Minerals, but  it was hard to look at some of the products in more detail as there was way to much bustling going on.  I had planned to go back and take a closer look when it was a bit quieter, but that didn't seem to happen whilst I was there, (but in a way that is good for the event). There was also a fella  called George from Pop Cycle - Pedalling the coolest lollies, but as I said earlier, it was way to early to eat and moreso for a lolly - maybe next time.  
Friends of Swansea Horses - FOSH and South Wales Hunt Saboteurs were also present.
On the way out, I also picked up a couple of second hand books.  One was a cookbook: Hansa's Indian Vegetarian Cookbook;  and the other a gardening: The Urban Kitchen Gardener.  I showed D and he rolled his eyes at me, more books! 

I am looking forward to returning again to Swansea Veg Mini-Fest next year.  It can only get bigger and better. I had a fab day out in a the city of Swansea that is slowly winning my heart.
After the buzz from Swansea VegFest we decided to take a walk to Swansea Bay Beach and oh my goodness!  It was a beautiful sunny dry day and hardly any people on the beach, which was a real shame, but at the same time I felt rather spoilt that we pretty much had the beach to ourselves (and a handful of others, but we won't talk about them).  I started collecting shells, but then realised that I did not have anywhere to put them, so returned them to the beach. 
After our long walk, we were ready to eat and we decided to check out Govinda's Vegetarian Cafe. They were really busy, part of the reason was a knock on effect from Swansea VegFest as that is why we decided to go there.  I had the Classic Kofta and Hummus Chappati Wrap and D had the special which was Spinach Lasagne with Rosemary Wedges. I also for the first time in my life tried some Kombucha - a fermented drink.  I only learned about Kombucha recently from Lucy who blogs over at the Kitchen Maid.  I actually quite liked its distinct flavour that lingered in my mouth for ages.  If I get my hands on the scoby and starter tea, I'd like to make some at home.  


  1. It looks like a really good festival. I'll have to try and head that way next year. I love walking along deserted beaches.

    1. It was quite small compared to the one in Bristol (maybe around 12 stalls), but I have no doubt it will grow with time. The beach is fab, shame that more good noises are not made about it.

  2. Great stuff. Really enjoyed reading about this event. Super photos too.Thank you for sharing it :)

    1. Thank you Jo. The photos are not that good really, but it gives you an idea of what was there.

  3. I am quite taken with kombucha - though I have mostly had it as a bottle of drink and recently ordered some and was given a small glassful and a larger glass of ice cubes which was odd - it is a very refreshing drink. Sounds like you had a great time at the veg fest and that there was lots of interesting food on offer. Am curious as to why that beach is called the Baby Beach. Is it because it is little or for babies?

    1. My first experience of it was bottled too, but it was good. Yes the large glass of ice and small portion of Kombucha is odd. Oh re the Baby Beach - I am so pleased you picked up on that as it was a typo and easily missed by spellcheck too. It should have read Bay, not baby - how funny. Swansea Bay Beach is for everyone, though it was a bit deserted on the day I went :) Lucky me.


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