Friday, 12 June 2015

Baby Sweetcorn, Peas and Mint Quiche

It is with some amusement I note that my past few blog posts have been rather yellow, and to add to that I have another rather yellow - bronze tinged Quiche to share.  The difference with these are that they are smaller, individual ones.  I think sometimes they just look just nicer on a plate.

I am not a fan of baby sweetcorn or cornlettes.  To me they resemble a plastic pretend decorative vegetable, only good to garnish a salad plate or such.  Frankly, I find them quite tasteless, but I will put my hand up and admit that I do sometimes add it to Thai Red Curry, and only because D doesn't mind them. I actually prefer the baby sweetcorns bigger sister: sweetcorn on the cob,  Sweetcorn with more crunch and sweetcorn with more juice and sweetcorn with more flavour. 
I had originally planned to make a Spring Green Vegetable Quiche, but then when I walked past a packet of baby sweetcorn, my mind was changed.  So what changed my mind? Another colour was required on the plate.  Once made, the sweetcorn retained its crunch and there was slight sweetness from the peas and a hint of mint. I am sharing this recipe with Lavender and Lovage for Cooking with Herbs  challenge.

Baby Sweetcorn, Peas and Mint Quiche
Makes 5 - 6 individual quiches or one large Quiche
Blind bake shortcrust pastry lining 5 - 6 individual tins or an 8 - 9 inch fluted tin
For the filling
150g - 180g  fresh or frozen peas, blanched and drained
1 x packet of baby sweetcorn, sliced in half length ways, rinsed
Handful of fresh mint, removed from the stalk and minced
250ml - 300ml double cream
3 eggs
80g cheddar cheese, grated
Salt and pepper to taste
In a bowl, pour the double cream, then whisk in the eggs and season to taste. Stir in the minced mint. 
Pour over the blind baked pastry that has been layered with the peas and baby sweetcorn.  Then scatter over the grated cheese.
Bake gas mark 4/180oc for 30 - 35 minutes for individual ones or 40 - 45 minutes for larger quiche or until golden. 
Allow to cool, before removing from tins and serving. 


  1. I agree, I think the most baby corn contributes is it's crunch. But here in a quiche, with the peas and mint, totally delish. Can't wait to try. Sammie

  2. yellow is the colour of summer after all, so it's no surprise. This is a gorgeous quiche!

    1. So true Dom. Yes, sunshine when it comes out - the weather is so unpredictable at the moment, though - sun then rain!

  3. your quiches look so pretty - I just love corn but rarely think to buy those baby corn - I don't see the point because what I love is the kernels and the sweet corn don't seem to really have them - but I know what you mean about them sneaking into the occasional asian meal

    1. Thanks Johanna, its not a great pic but still - thanks. I agree the kernels are so much better than the babycorn.


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