Monday, 12 December 2011

Crafty Friends

When December arrives, one of my yearly rituals was to buy a new ornament for the Christmas tree.  Sadly last year this did not happen.  This year did not start well for us either for a number of reasons, including my redundancy and unfortunately this dark gloomy cloud continues to hover over us.  As much as we have tried to remain upbeat and optimistic about future opportunities, we have stumbled that it has now beginning to impact on our interactions and moods.  The Christmas tree is still stuck in the attic along with the seasonal decorations, the tinsel and the baubles.  It seems very unlikely that any of it will be coming out to see the light of day. 

However, I do have two lovely pieces that are bringing warmth and a smile to my sad face.  Early this year, I was kindly sent this tiny handmade knitted sweater with hanger by The Hobbit.  I think it is absolutely adorable and will look absolutely charming hanging from the Christmas tree next year.  Thank you so much Hobbit.
Something else I recently acquired: cute little felted gingerbread men tree decorations which came courtesy of Sian Lile Makes.  When Sian wrote  she 'had a few spare, and if would anyone like one?'   Of course, I jumped at the opportunity for something new for my Christmas tree.  She is so kind.  She couldn't decide who to give the gingerbread men too, so all those who left a comment, all seven of us, including me, were lucky to receive our own gingerbread men.  Thank you so much Sian. 
Both the groovy knitted sweater and these gingerbread men are presently happily swinging off my door handles - bringing a little Christmas cheer in my home.
Taking of small homely crafts, I'd like to introduce you to some old and new fellow bloggers whom astound me in small yet wonderful ways.  Veronica of Queiero Pura Lana. Veronica is based in Argentina and specialises making things by handloom/weaving, crochet and embroidery.  Veronica writes her blog in Spanish, but I am able to use 'google translate' and read her blog entries and learn more about her and her family.  Here is an example of some of her work.  Another talented fellow blogger is ToruToru is based in Australia, though her roots are both in Britain and New Zealand.  She makes beautiful things such as quilts, baby clothing and what attracted me to her blog was her Doily Tree blog post.  Toru isn't blogging much these days and she's not apologising for it either - good for her as she's enjoying motherhood.   I would also like to mention Sooz at The Last Biscuit.  Sooz love for life is really infectious.  I wish she lived near as I need some of her positive energy to rub on me.  I often joke with her, that she can teach me to crochet and I'll bring the cake.  Good deal I think.  Yesterday, albeit through blogging, I also met a new upcoming crafter and young entrepreneur: Little Craft Boy who makes things from coloured cla/fimo such as key rings and tree ornaments.  I was delighted to learn that he is Scented Sweet Peas little boy.  I know where he gets his crafty skills from.  Scented Sweetpea also has a heart warming blog, and she also has a shop selling some of her home-made crafts.  And finally, but not least Jee at Jee and Me who does lots of crafty things, she paints, draws, knits, and makes the cutest baby booties and baby bonnets. Jee recently broke an arm, but gladly now on the road to recovery.

Please do go by and pay a visit - maybe leave a comment, I know they will appreciate it.


  1. Hello Shaheen,

    I'm sorry to hear that neither of you feels like decorating, though that is understandable. I love this time of year usually because the weather changes and I can open the windows and enjoy the cool or in some cases, cold breeze. It certainly makes a change from heat and humidity.

    I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you again how much I enjoy your blog and to thank you for sharing your recipes and tips. This has made a difference in terms of how and what I cook and it is healthier than a lot of ready-made foods can be.

    I hope the New Year brings opportunities for you both as well as more enjoyment in life. I know it can be quite rough looking for work. Best of luck with your sale and moving.


  2. Aww, thanks for giving me a lovely mention Shaheen... you know one day I'm going to hunt you down and take you up on that cake/crochet exchange offer!

  3. I haven't put up any holiday decorations this year either yet (although it has to do with travel more than anything else). I'm so sorry to hear about both of your jobs - nothing can right that... :(

  4. Lovely Shaheen: you are an angel! Thankyou so much for ALL


  5. Oooh I LOVE your little Christmas jumper and gingerbread men, can't you get your tree down and hang them on it in pride of place. It will really lift your spirits to hang all your much loved and treasured chosen ornaments.

    You don't have to decorate anywhere else but your tree would be a lovely finale to a shi**y year.

    I feel that next year is going to be better for all of can't get any worse....the only way is UP.

    Sue xx

  6. Oh sweetie, I just wanna give you a great big hug, reassure you that times will get better and then unleash our 4 year old on your house with a few packets of tinsel - she would have your house covered in no time. Those craft links are great and I'm looking forward to reading each one. (Very jealous about the felt gingerbread me...they are gorgeous). I've been crafting too but as most of it is Xmas pressies, I cannot post them up.
    I think you should make a few salt dough ornaments as you have the best cookie cutters - go on... cover your house with glittery Welsh dragons. Crossing all my fingers that you get yourselves sorted soon workwise. xxxxxx

  7. How spooky, I was just leaving you a message when your's popped in to my in box. I love it when bloggers introduce us to other bloggers, there's so many wonderful blogs out there that we often miss some gems. I shall pop by those that you have recommended and take a peek.

  8. Your post sounds so sad - I do hope Christmas will be a peaceful time for you. The little jumper is delightful and I will of course go and check out the blogs you have recommended. M x

  9. aahh Shaheen you are wondeful! What a lovely blog post, I am off to visit them all in a min :-) Thanks for taking the time to write all of that, I really enjoyed it and you will have made Crafty Boy very very happy :-) xxx

  10. Ahhh, I love that little handmade jumper...sooo cute!

  11. So sorry the year has been a difficult one for you. I hope that this new year brings better times for you!

    Those ornaments are adorable, I especially love the tiny sweater with the little hanger- so cute!

  12. Thank you so, so much for your warm comment e.
    I really appreciate you kind words x

    I really don't want to sound like I am wallowing in misery, but there are days when it just gets too much that I want to vent.

    I am sincerely hoping next year is a good one - we are due for a change of fortune, surely.

    Thank you e

    You are so welcome Sooz.
    I want to thank you for nominating me for a Liebster Award too.
    Hey who knows our paths may cross x Here's hoping!

  13. Oh Verónica - are making me blush... an not at the moment! Heartfelt warm wishes to you x

    Thanks Sue.
    Yes they are both utterly gorgeous!

    I did try and coax the husband this w/e, but he's really not in the mood to bring down the tree. Instead these little pieces are doing their utmost inlifting my spirits a little. Here's hoping next year they will be hanging off the tree - they will be treasured for sure.
    Thank you so much for your kind and warming words too Sue. I really do appreciate it. Here's hoping next year is kinder to us.

  14. Thank you so much for your lovely words Plummy Mummy. I totally accept your great big hug,albeit virtually.

    Yes your 4 year old would have been most welcome to scatter some colour in our home :)

    The crafty bloggers are all wonderful.

    You must share some of your crafts on your blog too - after the gifts have been opened of course! I' am hoping to start some kind of crafting myself next year. Crochet appeals to me, but I need someone to show me as I get stuck and felting. i think I will be able to pick up felting relatively easily, but need the materials to have a go. So watch this space.

    I'm interested in salt dough ornaments now that you mention it. Can you do a tutorial on your blog, as I don't know what material to get and where to start. Once I get the jist, I will surely use my cookie cutter - yes I do have a lot of them - a blog post waiting to happen.
    Once again thank you so much. x

    Hi Jo.
    Yes that is kinda spooky.
    I do hope you enjoy checking out these new bloggers. They are all very different and v. talented.

  15. Thanks Magnolia Verandah.
    Cute for sure.

    I'm sorry Vintage Jane, its jsut the way I've been feeling recently and its quite overwhelming that its sometimes hard to shrug.
    I appreciate your warm wishes.

    You are so welcome Scented Sweetpeas.
    I do hope it will bring a smile to little craft boys face :-)

    Thank you FacelessFood.

    Thank you Meg.
    Your comment is really appreciated.
    I also hope that the new year brings better times for us!

  16. SO sorry to hear you aren't in a festive mood. For what it's worth your blog has brought me much pleasure this year and I send you every good wish for a healthy and happy 2012 x

  17. Thank you so, so much KitchenMaid for your kind words and warm wishes, much appreciated x

  18. Hope the responses to your blog lift your spirits - wish you a better year in 2012!

  19. Thank you Magnolia.
    Yes - feeling much better today x
    Here's me really welcoming 2012 - I've never looked forward to a new year as much as this one.

  20. Hope that 2012 is a good year for you, Shaheen. It can only get better :) Your blog has been one of my favourite things about 2011! I check it every day and love to read your posts. Hope you're feeling better and have better fortunes in the new year.

  21. Thank you so so much Freya for your truly lovely comment, it has certainly uplifted me. Thank you. x

    PS What a beautiful name you have x

  22. Oh kind of you to post about your craft friends.I have to agree that the new year has to get better. At least we will know how to live on a smaller budget and that a true friend is worth more than an I pod. I will definitely visit all the new site you have introduced.So busy crafting right now that cooking consist of taking pre made casseroles out of the freezer. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and good health to see you through.

  23. Oh You are soooo Welcome Hobbit.
    Your the one who was kind to send me a little knitted sweater which i oh so adore.

    True true - I have always lived within my means, i've never ever had a credit card and the only debts I have are this flat (on sale)and student loans. Its the small treats I miss, as well as treating those I love.

    Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and good health too x

  24. Thank you JavelinWarrior.
    I don't know how your comment ended up in the spam section, but i rescuet it.

  25. I am not much of one for crafts and wish I was - maybe one day but it is great to see what other bloggers do - those gingerbread men and jumper are so cute

    sorry to hear you are not feeling like celebrating christmas this year as much as usual - some years are low on christmas energy but I hope that in future years your festive mojo returns and meanwhile I hope you look after yourself and enjoy seeing the christmas sights around you. And I hope next year brings you some delightful surprises that bring some of the change you are seeking

  26. Thanks Johanna.
    Nor was I, butits starting to creep up on me and I wish I had taken note of it when my mother was trying to encourage me when I was small.

    Thank you sooo much for the warm wishes x


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