Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Handful of Colourful Chillies

Around this time last month I was in Wales visiting my family.

As well as coming back with some apples from my Dads allotment, my mother gave me some green tomatoes, pears and a handful of chillies growing outside in pots.  I have left them on my windowsill to dry naturally.  
I think they look pretty: changing from green - yellow to red and then crinkling like crushed velvet.


  1. They look great, really colourful! We grew chillies first time this year. We let them dry the same way.

  2. Thank you Lela.
    I was going to string them and make a garland hanging from the window, but my husband won't let me do it :( Its because we have a small flat. Maybe when I get a big kitchen :)

  3. Oh garland would look nice!

  4. Thanks Lela.
    I am envious that you grew your own this year :)

  5. My chillis this year have been good-looking ones too (pictures on my blog coming up soon...) I just wish they had had more heat.

  6. Lucky you! It is a marvelous gift!
    Have a nice week!

  7. Ooh, these are so pretty, like Christmas decorations! Most of my chillies have been pickled this year (or eaten - nom!). What about stringing them up on the inside of a cupboard door? Then they won't be in the way, and you'll always get to see them when getting something off your shelves.
    Hope you're well, dear friend!

  8. I know Mark - that's one of the reasons I've been coming by to admire. Will certainly be over later in the week to check out your new offerings. Sorry to read that they do't have the heat you desire. Perhps those you grow next year will be better.

    Thank you spécialiste de l'éphémère.

  9. Hello littleblackfox.
    Yeah I like your description of them like Christmas decorations! I don't know if you remember, but in 2009, one of my entries for Christmas decorations was a chilli beading for the tree :)

    I like your suggestion of stringing them up on the inside of a cupboard door. I had not thought of that, maybe next time. But I am hoping next time I will have plenty of window room, if not - I have a back up plan :)

  10. Hello! They are beautifull, but I'm afraid of them. Aren't they to much hot? I have "guindillas" and I use them in my oriental soup but just a little bit. I made your Roasted Butternut Squash Tart ( with some variations for this side of the Atlantic) and it was delicious!

    Love from Argentina


  11. Hi Veronica.
    I'm sorry your a little timid of chillies, but I totally understand. I would love to see your variation of the Roasted Butternut Squash. if you post it on your blog, I will link it to my blog blog. Warm wishes from a very very wet and cold Scotland.

  12. How beautiful! Are chillies easy to grow or do they need a lot of TLC like tomatoes?

  13. Beautiful :) And hopefully a bit of warmth to counter the wet and cold.

  14. Beautiful chile! We're BIG on chile here :-) What will you do with them once they're completely dry?

  15. Beautiful photo of some gorgeous chilis. A lovely post.

  16. Thanks Hannah.
    I've grown them in the past, in the greenhouse with the tomatoes, so yes i they do need some TLC like tomatoes, but not so much as long as they get waterered.

    Thank you Kari.

    Thank you Bee Girl.
    I tend t grind them and put into pots for cooking in things like stews and curries

    Thank you hungryaustralian.

  17. gorgeous - what a lovely way to remember your family


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